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Sál času

Album: ''Sál èasu'' (1995)
1. Hra s ďáblem
2. Odmítám
3. VZ 271193 /instrumental/
4. Sál času
5. Jáne /instrumental/
6. Oheň a meč
7. Vzpoura /instrumental/
8. Kouzelná noc /instrumental/


Album: ''Misanthrope'' (1998)
1. Let them be
2. Mercator
3. Step over your shades
4. Misanthrope
5. Planet R.K.K.
6. Nobody trusts me
7. Presto /instrumental/
8. Let's go on
9. Silence /instrumental/
10. Instrumetal jam I. /instrumental/

Liars In A Second Skin

Album: ''Liars In A Second Skin'' (2000)
1. Cold Hearted
2. Balls To Live
3. Liars In A Second Skin
4. Fighting Man
5. Kaspar
6. The Hero
7. Nobody
8. By The Way
9. Jumperlace /instrumental/
10. Well Of Pain
11. Walls Of Concrete
12. Body And Soul
13. Bluesmetal Jam II. /instrumental/

No Redemption

Album: ''No Redemption'' (2003)
1. Kama /instrumental/
2. Sutra
3. No Redemption
4. Flight
5. Waiting
6. Flood
7. King
8. Bitter Life /instrumental/
9. Better Life
10. Give Me Meat
11. Turn To The Shadows



A former member of trio Neurobot, since 2000 a solo artist who also performs in spontaneously created lineups (eg. with Thomas Ankersmit, Alexei Borisov, Xavier Charles, Phil Durrant, Facial Index, David Galbraith, Janko Hanushevsky, Martin Koller, Robert Piotrowicz, Ignaz Schick, Andrew Sharpley, Torben Tilly, Viön & Mem). He has played in Poland, Germany, Austria and France. He made 3 records with Neurobot: Normal Subjects (1998), Tarcza 9800 (2000), l.i.v.e.v.i.l. (2001) and 6 solo records Projekt Drei (2000), Mind Locations (2001), Atol Drone (2002), Superrecombination_sys (2002), Habitat (2004), Thinking Dust (2005). Neurobot's music explored the areas of improvised noise and power electronics, however, Wolfram's solo projects incline towards ambient music mixing blurred sounds in the foreground with the noise elements receded into the background. His slowly developing, mostly minimalist compositions are based on ambient and noise. The result of this fusion is music which seems calm, but is a full of tension underneath. Wolfram's latest album "Thinking Dust" has received enthousiastic reviews from music critics in Poland.

Thrash/Power Metal

Czech Republic (Prachatice), formed in 1983

Leviathan Records


Roman Krokus Kriz - guitar
Petr Sanda - drums
Petr Doldy Dolenek - vocals
Jaroslav Eliska - bass


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