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Album: ''Wizards'' (1995)
1. Magic Moon
2. Guardians of Their Own Souls
3. New Life
4. Distant Voice
5. No More
6. Rock 'n' Roll Forever
7. Arabian Caravan
8. Some Friends
9. Freedom
10. Wizards

Sound of Life

Album: ''Sound of Life'' (1996)
1. Madness
2. Psycho Maze
3. Dangerous Way
4. A Promisse of Love
5. Pico
6. I'll Believe
7. Reach Out
8. Black City
9. Sound of Life
10. Wizards II

Beyond the Sight

Album: ''Beyond the Sight'' (1998)
1. W
2. Thunderbolt
3. Crack
4. Shine (Tribute to Helloween)
5. The Play
6. Shadows and Light
7. I Don't Give a Dawn
8. Flight
9. Killing Blues
10. Nest of Words
11. Memories of Avalon

The Kingdom

Album: ''The Kingdom'' (2002)
1. The Kingdom
2. King Without a Crown
3. Fallen Angels
4. Riding the Twilight
5. Daydreaming
6. Willing to Be Free
7. Call of War
8. Sinners and Saints
9. Love and Recall
10. Step Back

Best Spells

Album: ''Best Spells'' (2003 Best of/Compilation)
1. Magic Moon
2. Guardians of Their Own Soul
3. Arabian Caravan
4. Freedom
5. Wizards
6. New Life
7. Pico
8. I'll Believe
9. Reach Out
10. A Promisse of Love
11. Wizards II
12. Thunderbolt
13. Shine
14. I Don't Give a Damn
15. Shadows and Light
16. Bring Down the House
17. King Without a Crown (unplugged)

The Kingdom II

Album: ''The Kingdom II'' (2005)
1. Slave
2. To Believe
3. Bipolar Mind
4. Last Chance
5. Nobody Else
6. By Surprise
7. The Ville
8. Hei Doc
9. Caroline
10. Keep On

Power Metal

Brazil (São Paulo, SP), formed in 1992

Encore Records


Christian Passos - Vocals
Tito Falaschi - Bass, Studio Keyboards (Shaman (Bra), Almah, ex-Symbols, ex-Karma (Bra), ex-Gravekeeper)
Rodrigo Melo - Drums (ex-Symbols)
Pedro Lopes - Guitars

Kadu Averbach (guitars)
Charles Dalla (keyboards)
Mendel Weisberg (bass)
Bezi Weisberg (drums)
Charles Dalla - Keyboards
Mendel Waisberg - Bass
Bezi Waisberg - Drums


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