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Son of Darkness

Album: ''Son of Darkness'' (1995)
1. In the Sign of the Wizard
2. Death or Glory
3. Rain of Death
4. Dawn of Evil
5. Lovesong
6. Enemy Die
7. Son of Darkness
8. Masters of the Sea of Gods
9. Lonely Wolfe
10. Fuck Your Ass

Battle of Metal

Album: ''Battle of Metal'' (1997)
1. Thunderwarriors
2. Named by the Devil
3. Lost Souls
4. Pain
5. The Liberation
6. You Prayed to God for Mercy
7. Thoughts
8. Heavy Metal Will Never Die
9. Our Hate Will Burn You
10. Dragon Lords
11. Battle of Metal

Bound by Metal

Album: ''Bound by Metal'' (1999)
1. Hammer, Bow, Axe and Sword
2. Brave Warriors
3. Dark Wings
4. Mighty Wizard
5. A Nice Day to Die
6. Gladiators of Steel
7. Unicorn
8. Believe in Metal
9. Spill the Blood of Our Enemies
10. Battlefield of Death
11. Bound by Metal

Head of the Deceiver

Album: ''Head of the Deceiver'' (2001)
1. Evitum Okol
2. Magic Potion
3. Head of the Deceiver
4. Collective Mind
5. Defenders of Metal
6. Calm of the Storm
7. Demon Witches
8. Iron War
9. The First One
10. Revenge
11. True Metal


Album: ''Odin'' (2003)
1. The Prophecy
2. Betrayer
3. Dead Hope
4. Dark God
5. Lokis Punishment
6. Beginning of the End
7. Thor's Hammer
8. Hall of Odin
9. The Powergod
10. March of the Einheriers
11. End of All

Magic Circle

Album: ''Magic Circle'' (2005)
1. Enter the Magic Circle
2. Fire and Blood
3. Call of the Wild
4. Death Is My Life
5. On Your Knees
6. Metal
7. Uruk-Hai
8. Circle of Steel
9. Warriors of the Night
10. No Way Out
11. The Magic Goes On
12. Don't Say Goodbye


Album: ''Goochan'' (2007)
1. Witch of the Enchanted Forest
2. Pale Rider
3. Call to the Dragon
4. Children of the Night
5. Black Worms
6. Lonely in Desert Land
7. Dragon's Death
8. The Sword of Vengeance
9. Two Faces of Balthasar
10. Return of the Thunder Warriors


Epic Power Metal


Germany (Bocholt/North Rhine-Westphalia), formed in 1989

Massacre Records


Sven D'Anna - Vocals
Dano Boland - Guitars (ex-Vebrifuge)
Michael Maass - Guitars
Volker Leson - Bass
Snoppi Denn (Sören van Heek) - Drums


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