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The Signs of Betrayal

Album: ''The Signs of Betrayal'' (2001 Demo)
1. The Signs Of Betrayal
2. The Feeble Morning
3. On My Grave
4. On Death's Colour

Justification for Unavoidable

Album: ''Justification for Unavoidable'' (2002 Demo)
1. Intro
2. Quarrelsome
3. Deep In Veins
4. Feeble Morning
5. Justification For Unavoidable
6. Two Suns

Gospel of Madness

Album: ''Gospel of Madness'' (2004)
1. Northern Breeze
2. Quarrelsome
3. On Death's Colour
4. Two Suns
5. Reborn
6. Mausoleum
7. Penance
8. The Feeble Morning
9. Anguish Of Frustration
10. Justification For Unavoidable
11. Not Yet The Last



Here`s some details about Withering..
The Withering story began at Autumn 1999. Raimo (bass) and Henkka (drums) had an idea about a band, and they started looking for a guitarist to complete the line-up. A few candidates came up, and finally they found what they had been looking for.

Mika was a guitarist with several years of musical experience and fit tendency. When these three guys played together for first time, they all knew that this would be the new line-up for Withering.

Withering started rehearsing some cover songs from bands like Amorphis, Paradise Lost and Sentenced. When the band found its sound and balance between instruments and the time was right, Mika came up with own songs.

Some of the songs had been composed by him before he joined the band, but most of them were composed exclusively for Withering. The arrangements of the songs were made by the band together.

Withering recorded their first demo-cd "The signs of betrayal" on January 2001. After releasing of "the signs of betrayal" Mikko Mäkinen joined the band. Mika brought some great shit in a form of new songs to trains. They started immediately to work with those new songs, and after a year they thought that it was a time to go to the studio again.

They recorded their second demo in january of 2002 at Tico-tico Studios, and it was named: "Justification for unavoidable".

After the sessions the line-up changed. Due to lack of devotion, Mikko was forced to leave the band. Because of the military service of Henkka and Raimo there was a small pause in action, but now the band is rockin' again.

In spring 2003 Withering signed Ville for another guitarist and the band got its final form. and they started working the future album.

During november and December they recorded their first album in Tico tico studios, beginning of 2004 the album were mastered in Finnvox studios.

Melodic Death Metal

Darkness, Winter, Frustration

Finland (Lahti), formed in 1999

Warhorse Records


Henkka - Drums
Mika - Lead Guitars
Juho - Guitars (ex-Crodonium)

Mikko Mäkinen - Guitars
Raimo - Bass & Vocals
Ville - Bass
Lasse - Vocals (ex-Crodonium)


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