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Under The Siege

Album: ''Under The Siege'' (2004 Demo)
1. Under The Siege
2. And The Bearer Goes...


Album: ''Witchking'' (2007)
1. Forging The Legend
2. Awakened
3. High Stake
4. Drums Of Moria
5. Flame Of Udun
6. Betrayer
7. Under Siege
8. Death And Glory
9. Witchking
10. The Return
11. And The Bearer Goes
12. Treachery
13. The Will Of The Ring
14. Downfall



Initial idea of this band arouse in fall 2003 in minds of Mateusz "Gajdek" Gajdzik And Darek "Rambo" Bieniek, when they left their former group Rapid Fire. New found project was called "Steel Crown". They were joined by drummer Borsuk and Sado, who took second guitar duties. Unfortunately this line-up was short lived and didn't make any musical impact. In February 2004 Paweł "Pane" Kopciał joined the band as a vocalist, a few weeks later Marcin "Dziadek" Jungiewicz took over the drums. First original compositions started to appear.

In the late spring Tomasz "Hadro" Pater joined as a second guitarist, so the line-up was completed. It was around that time that the band was renamed to WITCHKING, a name inspired by one of the bands' songs. On the 12th of June 2004, the band played its first gig: an opening slot for MAYHAYRON in Popularny Pub in Cracow. In summer, Pane's health problems started to become a serious problem, therefore in September the band decided to recruit a new vocalist - Kamil Łacina.

Three weeks later, on the 9th of October 2004 WITCHKING entered DIAMOND RECORDING STUDIO, supervised by the ever-watchful eyes of Domink Burzym. The recording of a two-song debut material took only two days, and a CD containing "Under The Siege" and "And The Bearer Goes...", as well as a bonus video footage from the studio, was ready. At the end of October 2004 period of intensive live activities has begun. Band played on the third edition of Raise Your Fest (Elizabeth, Mayhayron, Kruk and Dragon's Eye), Metal Crusade III (Warning, Stos), Raven Metal Party (Stos), February mini-tour Heavy Metal Ride II (Grimond, Dragon's Eye) and spring mini-tour with Monstrum. Band also shared stage with Sorcerer, Chainsaw, Sagittarius, Fresh Meat and Middle Finger. In the middle of April 2005 Darek "Rambo" Bieniek decided to leave the band. Dawid Wolanski (Profanum, Raincariation) took over bass duties and in this line-up Witchking entered Diamond Recording Studio in June to work on debut album. Two weeks later Kamil and rest of the band part ways. Through all summer band was working and fighting with obstacles in the studio and looking for a new vocalist. Finally, after four months of search Tomek "Tom The Storm" Twardowski (Hellfire) became Witchking's new voice.

First strike of refreshed line-up took place on 5th of November 2005 as a part of RYF IV, where band shared stage with Retribution, Hekatomba and Mayhayron. It was last gig of Dawid as a member of Witchking, once again, band started to search for a bassist. At that time serious decision was taken: the band decided to terminate session in Diamond Recording and start whole recording process again with different engineer and in different studio. It was not an easy decision, but considering line-up changes and work conditions in Diamond Recording, only one. In the winter band worked hard on refreshing album material, new songs were written, lyrics and arrangements were altered. Andrzej "Sado" Sadowski (Mayhayron) became new bassist, he was a long time friend of the band, remembering its very first incarnation. Also Michał "Strzelec" Strzelecki joined Witchking team and took over organization issues and generally management. In February and March 2006 band played in Warsaw, Skarżysko-Kamienna and Cracow (Monstrum, Dragon's Eye, Night Mistress and Mayhayron) and those were last gigs before recordings. After long preparations, on the 8th of May in Warsaw's DBX studio Witchking started to work on their debut album once again.

All summer was under the sign of studio-work, with exception of June's gig in Cracow's Bakałarz with Sorcerer and Dark Hamsters. During the recordings Michał "Strzelec" Strzelecki decided to step away due to personal reasons and his duties were taken by Aleksandra Wolny. In September 2006 debut album was ready and search for a label has begun. In November, under the moniker "Cracow Invasion", Witchking played first gigs abroad: two concerts in Kosice and Presov (Slovakia), played with Privateer and local band Ravenclaw (Kosice). Extended search for a label was interrupted on 14th January 2007 by gig in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, as a part of WOŚP, were Witchking played along with Drugie Danie, Ankh, Symphony and Aggresiva 69.

In March band had an honor of opening XXIst edition of legendary Matalmania Festival, which took place on 24th of March 2007 in Spodek (Katowice). Only one week later Witchking opened for Turbo and Chainsaw on Cracow's stop of Metal Maraton III Tour. Those intensive live activities concurred with finalization of label search. Aural Offerings Records from France was chosen to release Witchking's debut album, its premiere was set up for July 2007.


Epic Heavy Metal

Tolkien, Batallistic Themes

Poland (Cracow), formed in 2003

Aural Offerings Records


Mateusz "Gajdek" Gajdzik - Guitars (Rapid Fire (Pol))
Tomasz "Hadra" Pater - Guitars
Tomasz "Tom The Storm" Twardowski - vocals (Hellfire (Pol), Asbreaker)
Andrzej "Sado" Sadowski - Bass (Mayhayron)
Krzysztof Nowakowski - Drums (Sourreal, Reigncarnation)

Dawid "Dawidek" WolaÅski - Bass
Kamil "Czamil" Åacina - Vocals
Dariusz "Rambo" Bieniek - Bass (Rapid Fire (Pol))
PaweÅ "Pane" KopciaÅ - Vocals (Hedache)
Marcin "Dziadek" Jungiewicz - Drums (Rapid Fire (Pol))


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