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...on the Path of Fogs

Album: ''...on the Path of Fogs'' (2000 Demo)
1. On The Land Of The Shadows
2. The Darkness Is Bursting Out
3. When The Night Descends
4. The Great Spirits Of Pagans

Revelations Through the Veil of Oblivion

Album: ''Revelations Through the Veil of Oblivion'' (2002 Split)
1. When the Night Descends
2. Everything is Dark, Deep Still and Ever...
3. Burning New Inferno
4. Mortis Hominum Salvator

Years of Blood

Album: ''Years of Blood'' (2006)
1. On The Land Of The Shadows
2. Fog In The Neverending Forest
3. The Darkness Is Bursting Out
4. Dawn Of Curse
5. Cold
6. Everything Is Dark, Deep, Still And Ever
7. When The Night Descends
8. Wish Of Unholy Lands
9. The Great Spirits Of Pagans
10. Proud Light Of The Moon


Atleast twelve (12) bands go/have gone by the name Witchcraft.

1. Witchcraft are a relatively new band from Sweden--however, that doesn't stop them from being one of this millenium's best projections of early classic rock a-la Black Sabbath and Jethro Tull. Many magazines have lauded this band's newest album, Firewood, as a "doom metal" album. While the album can be doomy, Witchcraft are more along the lines of retro-rock more than anything.

2. Another band called Witchcraft were an american duo who composed music of a highly imaginative and original style that was years ahead of it's time. Gothic Ambient electronic music verging on industrial, dark but with melody and tremendous atmosphere, their inventive use of rhythms, vocoder and guitar was both innovative and sensational.

Although they have sadly disbanded, these two albums remain perennial favorites and are testament to a genuinely original talent that produced a genuinely original sound.

3. Witchcraft from Hungary play raw old school black metal. They relesed their first album "Years of Blood" in 2006 via Regimental records. Previously they released two demos (On the Path of Fogs - 2000; Carpathian Fire - 2003) and a split with Gholgoth (Revelations Through the Veil of Oblivion - 2002). "Years of Blood" contains the re-recorded versions of the demo-songs and only one new song.

4. Witchcraft from France played classic heavy metal and released one three-track demo in 1983.

5. Witchcraft 80's Croatian speed metal band. Croatian folk-singer sinisa vuco used to be in that band.

Black Metal

Paganism, Darkness, Nature

Hungary (Budapest), formed in 1996

Regimental Records


Angmar - Vocals (Hexerei, Diecold)
WL Rabenaas - Guitars (WLR, Sanguis in Nocte, Ater Tenebrae)
M - Bass (Ancient Moonrise, Anti-Life Propaganda, Ravenshades, Koprofaagia, Tarn, ex-Hell (Hun), ex-A.M.D.G., ex-Absturz, ex-Ater Tenebrae, Nyomor)
Khrul - Drums (Assur (Hun), Avar, ex-Ater Tenebrae, ex-Hell (Hun), ex-Disztraktor, Funebre (Hun), ex-Koprofaagia, ex-Marblebog, ex-Ravenshades, ex-Siculicidium, ex-Vorkuta, ex-Zetörhead, Ulcisia Castra, Shadowthrone (Hun), ex-Vérzivatar)

Noctis - Bass (Ater Tenebrae, ex-Hell (Hun), ex-Sanguis In Nocte)
Storm - Drums
Mordred - Drums


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