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Valley of the Lost

Album: ''Valley of the Lost'' (2001)
1. From Heaven to Hell
2. Sky Travellers
3. Winterlong
4. Valley of the Lost
5. The Water Spirit
6. Nosferatu
7. Mystery of Life
8. Victory
9. Written in Blood
10. Driven by Insanity


Album: ''Metal/Technology'' (2006)
1. The Hunter
2. And So We Remember
3. Go To Hell
4. My Nevermore
5. Like Ships In The Night
6. Shutting Out The World
7. On a Demon's Night
8. The Touch Of Evil
9. Cleaning The Machine
10. Badlands



Winterlong is a Swedish power/progressive metal band which was formed in the beginning of the year 1998. In 1995, Hussni Mörsare and Erik Tornberg decided to start playing guitar. And, as the interest in playing guitar grew, they met Thorbjörn Englund and thought that he was the coolest guitarist in their hometown.

Thorbjorn was playing bass at the moment with a band called Endomorph formed by a guitarist named Per Kankanranta, but later on he decided to quit the band and start doing music with Hussni and Erik.

Without a permanent drummer Hussni were forced into the drum position,
as well as he played guitar and did all the vocals.
Suddenly they remembered an old friend who played drums in another band, his name was Mikael Pekkonen.

When Mikael entered the band they came up with the name Winterlong
from an old rocker who once had a dream.
Mikael played with the band for about one year, and then he left...
...The main reason was school.

Winterlong now had to find a new drummer, and the only drummer capable of performing WL´s music, and the only one who came to meet their heavy demands was Toni Erkkilä, former drummer with Thorbjörn when they did Endomorph.

This was the beginning of a new era for the band...

Toni and Thorbjörn already knew each other since the schooldays,
The band practised like possesed and rehursed like crazy, then they took the music on the road for a few shows.
The metalscene in the area in which they where living in was not to big though, and they realized that they had to break out of the cold north to survive...
The only problem however was that they went separate ways.

Thorbjörn and Erik left town, also did Toni, and only Hussni remained.
As time went by, and the guys didn´t hear from each other in a while, Hussni joined Per Kankanranta in a newly started project; Javelin.
Erik and Thorbjörn began studying, yet they knew school was absolutely not the place for them. They spend all their time with their instruments instead, and recorded lots of material in Thorbjörns homestudio. They sent their material to record companies all over the world.

Then suddenly, after achieving some contacts with rather small metal labels, mainly in the U.S, they recieved an E-mail from Lars Eric Mattson, president of LionMusic.
He thought the material was pretty good, and the only problem for him
as he stated, was the lack of a real drummer. They had been using a drummachine for the percussiontracks!

Well, that egnited the spark in their lives as they called up Hussni and Toni and told them what was going on.
Hussni quit the Javelin-project immediatly, and Toni came up from the south of Sweden where he now lived, so once again they joined forces, only this time it was something magical in the air...

They signed their very first and well earned record contract!

Heavy/Power Metal

Fantasy, Metal

Sweden (Kalix), formed in 1998

Lion music


Thorbjörn Englund - Vocals, Guitars, Bass (Star Queen)
Lief Eriksson - Drums

Hussni Mörsare - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar (Viperine)
Erik Tornberg - Bass (Viperine, Star Queen)
Tony Erkkilä - Drums (Viperine)
Peter Uven - Bass (Star Queen)
Mikael Holm - Vocals (session in Tower of Stone)

Session Members:
Mistheria - Keyboards
Andreas Lill - Drums (Vanden Plas, Missa Mercuria, Abydos, Section A)
Anders Johansson - Drums (ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Hammerfall, ex-Empire (Ger), ex-Silver Mountain, Jens Johansson, ex-Keegan , The Johansson Brothers, Planet Alliance)


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