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I Wont Burn Alone

Album: ''I Won´t Burn Alone'' (1995)
1. Because I
2. Living on the Highway
3. Pray
4. In the Age of Unreason
5. Mama
6. Someone Call It Love
7. I Won't Burn Alone
8. Nasty
9. Hey Boy
10. White Lady
11. Save the Planet
12. The Train


Album: ''Embittered'' (1997)
1. Embittered
2. Revenge Is Sweet
3. It's My Life
4. Old Friends
5. Love Is
6. Mountain's End
7. What's Up
8. Flesh Blood and Faith
9. She Won't Wait All the Night
10. I Don't Know About Sex
11. B.T.B.W. North Italy

Tales From The North

Album: ''Tales From The North'' (1999)
1. The Quest
2. Tales From the North
3. Asgard
4. Gods of the Sea
5. Viking's Tomb
6. Kriemhild Story
7. The Killing Queen
8. The Terrific Slaughter
9. Horant
10. Fighting and Feasting
11. Here We Are
12. Still Alive


Album: ''Asgard'' (1999 EP)
1. Asgard
2. Hagen the Cruel
3. Tears by the Firelight
4. Adramelch

Album: ''Like Gods of the Sea'' (1999 Single)
1. Like Gods of the Sea

Public Glory Secret Agony

Album: ''Public Glory Secret Agony'' (2000)
1. Burn Rome Burn
2. High Treason
3. The Roman Empire
4. Greedy Rome
5. In Caesar We Trust
6. Valley of the Sun
7. Anubis the Jackal
8. Mangler
9. Cleopathra
10. The Field of Peace
11. Time for Glory

The Dark Age

Album: ''The Dark Age'' (2002)
1. Penitenziagite
2. The Dark Age
3. Grand Inquisitor
4. Maid of Orleans
5. New Crusade
6. The Edict
7. Voice From the Heaven
8. Devil's Woman
9. Torture
10. A New Handbook
11. Sentence of Death
12. Theme for the Innocence

The XIII Skull

Album: ''The XIII Skull'' (2004)
1. Space Invaders (Intro)
2. The Union
3. Top Secret
4. Last Navigator
5. The Skulls
6. Missing Link
7. Creature of the Abyss
8. Power and Blood
9. Perfect Design
10. The Observers
11. Mothman Prophecies
12. I Wanna Fly Away

white skull


White Skull takes life at the end of the Eighties.
The guys record the first (self-titled) demo-tape in 1991.
The second demo-tape "Save The Planet" is released in May 1994.
Excellent reviews and extensive live appearances brought the band in touch with a few Italian labels. However, their music was considered "not suitable for the market"… thus, the guys were asked to change sound and music style. Being fond of classical Heavy Metal and followers of bands like Iron Maiden, Helloween, Scorpions, Black Sabbath and Saxon, the Skulls decided to go on with their type of music, because of their belief in true Metal life-style. White Skull then contributed to two Heavy Metal compilation:

* "Nightpieces 4" (in January 1995) and "Area Sismica" (in June 1995).
* "Area Sismica" (June 1995) – A.M. Songs et Music di Valdagno (Vi).

June 1995: White Skull signs with Underground Symphony

November 1995: Released "I Won’t Burn Alone" (Underground Symphony), first band's album

March 1997: Released "Embittered" (Underground Symphony). Special guest is singer Folco Orlandini (Mesmerize - Time Machine)

May 1997: Guitar player Max Faccio leaves the band, replaced by BB Nick Savio in November 1997. (two other guitarists temporarily played for the band: Pino Sicari from May to August, Lele Pretto from September to November)

March 1999: Released EP "Asgard", containing the famous song, plus an unpublished song "Hagen The Cruel" and two covers: "Tears by the Firelight" (from german Stormwitch) and "Adralmelch" (from Adramelch, Italian cult band of late 80s)

July 26th, 1999: Released "Tales From The North" (Nuclear Blast for the world, Underground Symphony for Italy). Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger) sings as special guest for this album.

August 28th, 2000: Released “Public Glory, Secret Agony” (Breaker Records/Nuclear Blast)

February 2001: Federica "Sister" De Boni leaves the band due to personal problems. One month later the band decides to get a male singer: Gustavo "Gus" Gabarrò from Argentina. He soon records with the band and appears for the first time in a live performance with White Skull on the 7th April 2001, in Germany.

August 26th, 2002: Released "The Dark Age" (Frontiers Records)

December 2002: Guitarist BB Nick leaves the band because of his growing interest in his side-projects; he is soon replaced by Danilo Bar.

September 2003: Bassist Fabio Pozzato leaves the band, soon replaced by Fabio Manfroi, from Brasil.

February 2004: Fabrio Manfroi leaves the band.

May 3rd, 2004: New album published: The XIII Skull, on Frontiers Records.

October 23rd, 2004: Steve Balocco becomes the new White Skull bassplayer.



* 1995 – I Won't Burn Alone
* 1997 – Embittered
* 1999 – Asgard
* 1999 – Tales from the North
* 2000 – Public Glory, Secret Agony
* 2002 – The Dark Age
* 2004 – The XIII Skull

Power Metal

Medieval times, epic stories, viking tales

Italy (Vicenza), formed in 1988

Dragonheart (Audioglobe/SPV)


Tony "Mad" Fontò - Guitars
Alex Mantiero - Drums (Jackhammer (Ita))
Danilo Bar - Guitars (see also: Venice in Vain, Elegacy, Legacy (Ita))
Steve Balocco - Bass (Broken Arrow, Anthenora)
Elisa "Over" De Palma - Vocals (ex-Brazen (Ita) as guitar, dBkiller)

Nick Savio - Guitar (Broken Arrow, Hollow Haze))
Federica de Boni - Vocals (guest in Witchunters)
Fabio Pozzato - Bass (1995-2003)
Fabio Manfroi - Bass
Gustavo "Gus" Gabarrò - Vocals


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