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Shark Attack

Album: ''Shark Attack'' (1987)
1. Shark Attack
2. Blow You Away
3. S.O.P.
4. Jabberjaw
5. Barrage of Skankers
6. United Shoebrothers
7. Part II....
8. Go Home
9. Anti
10. Napalm Shower
11. Crazy Ways People Die
12. Fretboard Gymnastics (Instrumental)
13. Termination


Album: ''Biermacht'' (1989)
1. You Broke My Heart (So I Broke Your Face)
2. Gore Flix
3. Drink Beer Be Free
4. The Wehrmacht
5. Everb / E...! / Micro-E!
6. Munchies
7. Night of Pain, Pt. 1
8. Balance of Opinion
9. Suck My Dick
10. Interlude
11. Drink Jack
12. Radical Dissection
13. Biermacht
14. Outro



Wehrmacht was a band out of Portland, Oregon that got it's start in the mid 80's. Their goal was to play as fast as possible, get as drunk as possible, and smoke as much pot as possible. With the possible exception of vocalist Tito Matos that wanted to get laid as much as possible.

While they were influenced by the likes of Slayer, Van Halen, Kiss, and various punk/hardcore bands, they played speed metal. This was accomplished for the most part by drummer Brian Lehfeldt's technical proficiency and speed in conjunction with guitarist Marco Zorich's fast alternately picked, muted E-string. Marco could take the most sedate country/western (or Kiss) chord/riff, turn it upside-down, "blurr it" and turn it into an intense riff. While Marco played extremely fast rhythm, Wehrmacht's other guitarist, John Duffy, brought a fluid lead style that, as opposed to Kerry King's "hit every note on the neck as fast as possible and see what happens" style, was actually in key. His not over done use of the tremolo was the perfect foil to Marco's speed.

There have been rumors of Brian Lehfeldt trying to form a band called Biermacht from some of Wehrmachts members.

Thrash Metal

Beer, Horror

United States of America (Portland, OR), formed in 1985

New Renaissance


Phillip "Tito" Matos (Spazztic Blurr) - Vocals
John Duffy - Guitar (Disastrophe, Wreck Creation, Macht)
Marco "Sharko" Zorich (Spazztic Blurr) - Guitar
Shann Mortimer - Bass
Brian Lehfeldt - Drums (Cryptic Slaughter, Macht)


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