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The Ultimate Passion

Album: ''The Ultimate Passion'' (1997)
1. This Time
2. Tequila
3. New Light
4. Nothing More To Give
5. The Rise Song
6. The Ultimate Passion
7. Spiritual Stagediving
8. Museum Of Idols
9. Autumn Peace
10. The Path


Album: ''Barriers'' (2001)
1. Diffused In A Dream
2. Esoteric Suicide
3. Flashbacks Of Freedom
4. Halushka
5. Misanthropic Days
6. Delights Of The Dusk
7. Mindstorm
8. Barriers
9. Extremes In You
10. Don´t Turn Back
11. Dead Horse Beating


Album: ''Decadance'' (2003)
1. Decadance
2. Sperm, Milk & Fate
3. Dawning
4. Dust
5. Dreamless
6. Hyperventilation
7. Die Laughing
8. Velvet Deserts
9. Scoundrel Days
10. Dead Gallery
11. Waiting for the Sun
12. Breaking the Asscendence



WAYD was set up by Milan Savko (vocals and guitars), Braňo Kóša (drums), Richard Mayer (guitars) and Drahoš Juřík (bass guitar and vocals). Even though these four members stayed faithful to "Wayd", some small changes occured in the line-up.

In 1995 WAYD recorded a demo tape named "Shape of Your Mind" in Prešov in the AD micro Studio. This demo contains 10 songs that are an example of the creation from the beginnings of the group. Two years later a new material named "The Ultimate Passion" was recorded in the Exponent Studio and released by Metal Age production. It contains 10 compositions again.

However some of the new songs have been enriched by keyboard parts and female vocals. The texts are something like an expedition to the human soul and they talk about the dark side of human life. However in the same time they also talk about common things. They are a reaction to the events of everyday life and a personal revolt against reality. In 1997 a new member Marián Dráč (vocals) entered the line-up of WAYD. He became the main vocalist. The band performed anumber of shows with him.

One year later he left the band. The last changes in the line-up occurred in the very last days, when a talented jazz-rock saxophone player joined the band. These days he helps in their live performances and his saxophone parts give the music a new dimension. The current CD is called Barriers and contains 11 tracks of aggressive and technical death metal. It was recorded in Perina studio in Prešov. This album also includes alarge number of melodies and saxophone parts.

Hovewer, music in this CD preserves real energy and persistent power. Lyrics deal with various themes: life in the subconsciounsness, love and hate, joy and sadness, freedom, passoin, etc... During its existence the band played a lot of concerts in the area of Slovakia and Poland.

Technical / Experimental Death with jazz influence

Death & despair, meaning of life, inner struggles

Slovakia (Presov), formed in 1994

Metal Age Productions


Milan Savko - guitars, vocals
Draho� Jurík - bass, vocals
Richard Mayer - guitars
Brano Kó�a - drums (ex-Gagas)

Marian Draci - vocals (1997-1998)
Marian Gerbera - saxophone


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