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Energetic Disassembly

Album: ''Energetic Disassembly'' (1985)
1. Violent Change
2. Asylum
3. Tyrants In Distress
4. Social Fears
5. Energetic Disassembly
6. Argonne Forest
7. Cimmerian Shadows
8. Meltdown

Control And Resistance

Album: ''Control And Resistance'' (1989)
1. Instruments of Random Murder
2. The Eldritch
3. Mayday in Kiev
4. The Fall of Reason
5. Control and Resistance
6. Hidden Instincts
7. Life Cycles
8. Dangerous Toy



Often considered the ultimate progressive technical thrash band, Watchtower ushered in a new era of extreme metal with their debut album, Energetic Disassembly, released in 1985. Featuring an array of chaotic time changes, aggressive vocals, and possibly one of the most accomplished rhythm sections in metal, this was one of the highlights of metal in the 80s. By 1989 Watchtower's lineup had changed when they released their sophomore effort, Control And Resistance. The album's quality did not diminish, although the overall atmosphere was a bit more reined in compared with the wildness of their debut. While Watchtower never received much popular fame, they are often considered the fathers of the progressive/technical metal movement and have been cited as influences on popular progressive bands such as Dream Theater.

Since the release of Control the band has been on hold while the various members pursued other projects, amongst them Ron Jarzombek's solo project Spastic Ink and Doug and Rick's venture called Retarted Elf. At various times work had been in progress on a third album, tentatively titled Mathematics, but the chances of a new release appeared slim until the summer of 2000, when the band (McMaster, Jarzombek, Keyser, and Colaluca) reunited to play a few festivals in Germany and some local gigs. The band is still alive, playing the occasional gig/festival, and a November 2004 report stated that actual recording for "Mathematics" had begun, so perhaps the album may yet be completed.


Jason McMaster - vocals
Ron Jarzombek - guitars
Doug Keyser - bass
Rick Colaluca - drums

Former members

Scott Jeffreys - vocals
Alan Tecchio - vocals
Billy White - guitars
Mike Soliz - vocals

Progressive/Technical Thrash Metal

Political issues, social issues, equality

United States of America (Austin, Texas), formed in 1982

Monster Records

On hold

Jason McMaster - Vocals (Assalant, Dangerous Toys, Happy Kitties)
Ron Jarzombek - Guitars (S.A. Slayer, Spastic Ink, Gordian Knot (only as guest), Happy Kitties, Blotted Science)
Doug Keyser - Bass (Retarded Elf)
Rick Colaluca - Drums (Retarded Elf)

Alan Tecchio - Vocals (Non-Fiction, All Time Low, Power (US), Seven Witches, Jack Frost (US), Hades (US))
Mike Soliz - Vocals (Militia (US) , Oblivion Knight, Assalant)
Billy White - Guitars (Billy White Trio)
Scott Jeffreys - Vocals (1990) (also in Confessor (US))


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