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Go Fuck Your Jewish "God"

Album: ''Go Fuck Your Jewish "God"'' (1998 Demo)
1. When Stars No More Shine
2. Midnight Posession
3. On Horns Impaled
4. Unholy Black Metal (Darkthrone Cover)
5. The Mightiest of Maledictions

The Essence of Black Purity

Album: ''The Essence of Black Purity'' (1999 EP)
1. On Horns Impaled
2. The Essence of Black Purity

Black Metal Sacrifice

Album: ''Black Metal Sacrifice'' (1999 Live album)
1. The Walls of Life Ruptured
2. On Horns Impaled
3. Midnight Possession
4. Angelrape
5. Sons of Fucking Hell
6. Essence of Black Purity
7. The Mightiest of Maledictions

Rabid Death

Album: ''Rabid Death's Curse'' (2000)
1. The Limb Crucifix
2. Rabid Death's Curse
3. On Horns Impaled
4. Life Dethroned
5. Walls of Life Ruptured
6. Agony Fires
7. Angelrape
8. Mortem Sibi Consciscere

The Ritual Macabre

Album: ''The Ritual Macabre'' (2001 Live album)
1. Limb Crucifix
2. Rabid Death's Curse
3. Agony Fires
4. My Fists Are Him
5. Transilvanian Hunger
6. Walls of Life Ruptured
7. On Horns Impaled

The Misanthropic Ceremonies

Album: ''The Misanthropic Ceremonies'' (2001 Split)
1. My Fists Are Him
2. War Tide (All Out Genocide)

Promo 2002

Album: ''Promo 2002'' (2002 Demo)
1. On Horns Impaled
2. The Limb Crucifix
3. Rabid Death's Curse
4. My Fists Are Him
5. The Walls of Life Ruptured

Album: ''Puzzlez ov Flesh'' (2002 Demo)
1. Black Salvation
2. Puzzlez ov Flesh

Casus Luciferi

Album: ''Casus Luciferi'' (2003)
1. Devil's Blood
2. Black Salvation
3. Opus Dei (The Morbid Angel)
4. Puzzles ov Flesh
5. I Am the Earth
6. The Golden Horns of Darash
7. From the Pulpits of Abomination
8. Casus Luciferi

Sworn to the Dark

Album: ''Sworn to the Dark'' (2007)
1. Legions of the Black Light
2. Satan's Hunger
3. Withershins
4. Storm of the Antichrist
5. The Light That Burns the Sun
6. Sworn to the Dark
7. Underneath the Cenotaph
8. The Serpent's Chalice
9. Darkness and Death
10. Dead but Dreaming
11. Stellarvore



Watain, a Swedish Black Metal band, was formed in Uppsala in 1998. The name is taken from a recording by the American black metal group Von. Their first release was the 7" EP The Essence of Black Purity on Swedish Grimrune productions, recorded in Necromorbus Studios 1999. The French black metal label Drakkar Productions offered Watain a deal for two full length albums, and the debut album Rabid Death's Curse was released in 2000. After the release, Watain toured and performed alongside bands such as Rotting Christ, Antaeus, Dark Funeral, Malign etc.

In 2003 Watain once again entered the studio, to record their second full-length album Casus Luciferi. The Stellar Dimension Infernal Tour through Europe wich followed was done together with Secrets of the Moon and Averse Sefira. They also toured through 18 countries with Dissection on their two months long Rebirth of Dissection tour in 2004.

Their third full-length album Sworn To The Dark was released in Europe on February 21 2007.

Black Metal

Lucifer, death, darkness

Sweden (Uppsala), formed in 1998

Season of Mist


Erik Danielsson: vocals, bass (live session Dissection (Swe), ex-Fucking Funeral, Bloodsoil)
Pelle Forsberg: guitar
H. Jonsson: drums
Set Teitan: live guitar, previously session bass (Bloodline (Swe), ex-Dissection (Swe), ex-Aborym (Ita), ex-Spiritual Ceremony)
A. (Alvaro Lillo): live bass (ex-Undercroft, Hostile Reaction, Execrator (Chl))

C. Blom: guitar (1998-2000)
T. Stjerna (aka Necromorbus): session bass (Chaos Omen, ex-Corpus Christii, Nex (Swe), ex-Funeral Mist (Swe), ex-Ofermod, Zavorash, ex-Into Desolation, ex-In Aeternum (Swe), ex-Blackwitch (Swe))
Y. (aka Whorth): bass (Mörk of Malign, Werewolf (Swe))
John Doe: live guitar


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