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Promo 2001

Album: ''Promo 2001'' (2001 Demo)
1. Showtime
2. Amazing Fire
3. Living in Paradise
4. Petra (Original by Saint Vitus)


Album: ''Voodooshock'' (2002)
1. Fountain of Freedom
2. Rainbow Sky
3. Tomorrow's Bloom
4. Lady
5. Amazing Fire
6. Living in Paradise
7. Electric Mind
8. Showtime
9. Nights in White Satin
10. We Cry



Uwe Groebel began playing guitar at the age of 14 and like many a young rocker with a love for riffs his heroes were Steve Vai and Hendrix. The first band he founded was Naevus in 1991 playing guitars and providing vocals. In the beginning it sounded like a slow death-metal band in the vein of Anathema / My Dying Bride / Asphyx, over the years Naevus' sound developed a doomer edge picking up influences from Black Sabbath and Cathedral. Naevus recorded three demos and finally in 1996 signed a deal with Lee Dorrians' Rise Above Records in London, England.

Naevus' debut album was recorded in 1997, seeing a release in 1998. In 1999, they were released from the label due to lack of funds and a change in distribution, so the band decided to split in May that year. After the demise of Naevus Uwe formed Voodooshock, the two other members also went on to play in other bands; Mathias Straub in Sacred Steel and Oliver Grosshans in My Darkest Hate. For Voodooshock Uwe enlisted various drummers and bass players until the first Voodooshock demo was recorded in 2000 with Matze Siffermann and Oli Merkle from End of Green. In 2001 he was joined by Michael Greilinger (bass) and Christian Specker (drums). 2002 saw the release of the self-titled debut albut which gained the band respect and hails from the international Doom scene. The re-release of the demo with two extra songs in 2004 and a split 7 inch with Iron Kind (US) happened via PsycheDOOMelic Records and Game Two Records (US), aptly titled Voodoom.
In June 2005 Voodooshock returned to the rehearsal room with two new band members. Ingmar Petersen on bass guitar and Claus-Peter Hamisch on drums who also play in Beehoover. All three band members became fathers over the last year which severely delayed the recordings of the new album. In September 2005 the band recorded two songs for a 7 inch single on Psychedoomelic Records, “The Golden Beauty” and “Live For The Moment” released in May 2006 and sold out within weeks.

At the end of December 2006, Voodooshock entered the studio again and laid down their new material "Marie's Sister's Garden" to tape in just 4 days. 2007 will see the band playing several shows, including a prime slot at the South Of Mainstream Festival in Germany, September 2007.

Melodic Heavy Doom




Uwe Groebel - Vocals & Guitar (Naevus)
Ingmar Peterssen - Bass
Claus-Peter Hamisch - Drums

Michael Greilinger - Bass
Mathias Straub - Drums (ex-Naevus, Sacred Steel, Mystic Prophecy)
Christian Specker - Drums
Oliver Merkle - Bass
Mathias Siffermann - Drums


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