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Communist Crusher

Album: ''Communist Crusher'' (2003 EP)
1. Bonebreaking armageddon metal
2. Prince of darkness (Alice Cooper cover)
3. Speed metal nightmare
4. Communist crusher

Unholy Banners of Victimizer

Album: ''Unholy Banners of Victimizer'' (2005 Best of/Compilation)
1. Devoured By Satan's Flames
2. Pentagram Warfare
3. Hell Revealed
4. Skullfucked By Victimizer
5. Communist Crusher
6. Behold The Coming
7. Battleweapons
8. Ace of Spades (Motörhead cover)
9. In The Graveyard (NunSlaughter cover)
10. Reap The Nuclear Whirlwind



Victimizer was formed during Wacken 2000, the line up was: J.Killheiler (vocals) DR.Rape (guitar) and C.Molestor (Drums). In oct. 2000 we recorded our first reh/demo "Skullfucked by Victimizer" lim. to only 20 (Stafa org. re-released this tape in 242 copies in may 2001). Suicide Machine joined this recording on session lead guitar. For some time nothing happened, besides writing new trax, but during feb. 2001 Snuff joined on drums and this improved the sound very much and new powerful metal anthems were created.

In the summer of 2001 Victimizer recorded the "Unholy banners of war" demo, this demo really defined our style and it received great response worldwide, and gave us a deal for a 7ep on Horror Rec. By the end of 2001 we played our debut gig, at a legendary metal friend´ 40 year birthday party, it went down chaotic, raw and drunken as hell. Right before a planned gig in Sweden in early 2002 the faggot formerly known as Snuff, quit the band to play hippie funk. To this day we hope he will get aids from his African gay lover. C.Molestor soon jumped the boat as well having wimped out and betraying the underground. For a while nothing happened besides promoting the band and writing new songs.

The summer of 2002 we started rehearsing with L.Groth on drums and shortly after we started recording the drums for the 7" ep. During this recording J.Killheiler ended up in the hospital for some time and completely lost his voice for some months. After recovering, the guitars and vocals were recorded for the EP.
Time passed and passed and nothing really happened besides interviews and recording of a track for a Nunslaughter tribute. DR Rape also showed a lot of signs of so called maturing (read: wimp out) and after the release of the "Communist Crusher" 7" ep in dec. 2003, J.killheiler decided to fire L.Groth (due to some internal conflicts and bad attitude), and also agreed with DR Rape that he should step down from his task.

In early 2004 J.killheiler reformed the band with some talented people and close friends, namely: MR Born to Loose (Exekrator) on guitar, Azter (Denial of God) on bass, and soon Atziluth (Blachorned) joined the ranks on drums. This line up is by far the best and most productive to date. The first release featuring this line up was a split reh/tape with US Devil metal masters Nunslaughter (This one was also released on LP by Ancient Darkness Prod). A deal was made with Australian Apocalyptor, but they soon decided to cut down on the label activities, therefore the band chose to look for a deal elsewhere. Before the band even started looking for a new label we got an offer from the supreme US label Hells Headbangers and a deal for 2 albums was made. The first release came out in the end of 2005 in form of the “Unholy Banners of Victimizer” LP containing the 2001 demo in a re-mastered version as well as 4 previously unreleased songs from old sessions and also a brand new track.
2005 also saw the band playing quite a few gigs in Denmark and Europe with bands such as Pentacle, Strychnos, Ghastly and Necrovation. Deathstrike Records also released a 4 way split LP with Victimizer/Eternal Pain/Betrayed and Farscape in very late 2005.
Early 2006 saw Victimizer continuing their unholy speed metal crusade including several live attacks and recording 4 tracks for an upcoming split album with Brazilian speed metal kings Sodomizer and also a CD version of the “Unholy Banners of Victimizer” was unleashed by Warfuck Records (Columbia).
Currently the band is planning a few selected live rapes such as the “Bounded by Blood” festival in Itzehoe (Germany) with great hordes such as: Abysmal Grief, Toxic Holocaust, Suicidal Winds, Blood Thirsty Demons and more. Most importantly, the band is very focused on composing of our yet untitled full length LP /CD to be unleashed by the unholy label Hells Headbangers in late 2006. The recording is scheduled for fall 2006, expect nothing less than furious thrashing speed metal madness that will pulverize your necks and make your ears bleed.

J. Killheiler May 2006

Speed/Thrash Metal


Denmark (Skjern), formed in 2000

Hells Headbangers


Killheiler (Jens Pedersen) - Vocals (ex-Kill, Church Bizarre, Undergang, ex-Crucifix (Dnk), ex-Ad Noctum (Dnk))
Henrik Engkjær (aka Mr. Born To Loose) - Guitars (Exekrator, Full Moon Lycanthropy, Church Bizarre, Deus Otiosus)
Vuml - Bass (Church Bizarre, Altar of Oblivion, Sick Room 7, Forlis)
Atziluth (Michael Huhle) - Drums (Ravishing, Blackhorned, Demon Realm, Renégadeth, Deadly Sins, Grimnismál)

C(unt). Molestor - Drums (in the beginning), Guitars, Bass
Snuff - Drums
Azter - Bass (Denial of God, ex-Apollyon (Dnk))
Dr. Rape - Guitars, Bass
Session members:
Lars Groth - Drums (Church Bizarre, Crucifix (Dnk), ex-Demon Realm, Lunar Caustic)
He-Max - Guitars
Suicide Machine - Guitars
Thomas - Bass


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