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Sentenced To Live

Album: ''Sentenced To Live'' (2005 Demo)
1. Ideal For Eternity
2. Human Theory
3. Sentenced To Live
4. Sadistfaction

victim yield


It all started out in September 2004, when Victim Yield was formed. Bojan Nikolovski-Brko (guitars) and Viktor Kuzmanovski (drums) were fed up waiting something to happen in their life, so they decided to form a band for a local gig here in Kumanovo. They never realized what was about to happen next. They gathered Branislav Dimkovski (guitars) and they decided to play death metal, a new wave for our underground with different musical concept. Two weeks more or less they gathered Bojan Jovanovski (vocals) and Miroslav Denkovski (bass) and started doing rehearsals. Finally Victim Yield was formed.

Now their first gig was on 30 January 2005 in the night club Hacienda with Point Blank(Sk) and Diverge(Ku). They also played on Rock-Fest in Skopje, they were elected for the final evening and of course played in the Rock-Fest Finals 2005. Now the final evening was one best gigs they have performed on so far, although the sound wasn’t that OK. The next gig was organized by “Mirakuli na Grozomorata” crew took place in Skopje again. They played with Embriotomy, Vinterthrone and Tank Warning Net. “If the final evening was one the best gigs we had, then definitely Extreme Metal Masquerade was the best ever.” – said Brko. Soon they played on Easter Rock-Fest in Skopje, one local gig and in Stip.

So far they recorded a demo called “Sentenced to live”. They recorded it with full support in production and mixing by Filip-Kirk “Vortex Multimedia”. “We haven’t bought a single beer for Kirk so far, we are still waiting for the promotion!” - jokes Mimco.
Their time is yet to come. A band called Dedicated for Life invited Victim Yield to take part on their album promotional concert. After that the legends of Macedonian hardcore Smut called them to play on their concert. This concert was a massacre. The next target for death metal attack was Kokino. Along with VY live performance had Dedicated for Life, String Forces, Bodan Arsovski and White Noise in a White Room.
By this time Victim Yield have promoted their second unofficial demo which appeared to distribute as an internet release. Also they have got their web page done and it is on net.

Victim Yield soon after that performed in other cities such as Tetovo and Kichevo. Then came the moment for Rock Fest 2006 on which Victim Yield performed. It was great evening and pleasure to play with Jason, Decadence, Embryotomy and Dedicated for Life. This festival night turned out as one of the greatest underground metal happenings.
Soon Victim Yield had performed on 2 local gigs: one in Hacienda and one in Sokolana. Next stop is the Skopje’s city park: Operation Skolka organized by internet community Plagijat. On that fest we have had our best performance ever. After that Dedicated for Life organized a second concert which Victim Yield took part.

Death/Thrash Metal

Social, Life

Macedonia (Kumanovo), formed in 2004



Bojan Jovanovski - Vocals
Branislav Dimkovski - Guitars/Vocals
Bojan Nikolovski- Guitars
Miroslav Denkovski - Bass (Holocaust (Mkd))
Viktor Kuzmanovski - Drums


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