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Demo 2003

Album: ''Demo 2003'' (2003 Demo)
1. A Whistler And His Son
2. The Poet Must Die
3. Crash Landing
4. Why Would The Captured Set Free The Flies?

Fire Falls And The Waiting Waters

Album: ''Fire Falls And The Waiting Waters'' (2004)
1. Debria Seems To Be Bleeding
2. Komodo Lights
3. Fire Falls
4. A Whistler And His Gun
5. Ceremony (The Waiting Waters)
6. Mother Dying
7. The Poet Must Die
8. Cut This Heathen Free
9. War
10. Why Would The Captured Set Free The Flies?

vicious art


Vicious Art started up in 2002. Matti Makela (Guitar) and Robert Lundin (Drums), who both used to be in Dark Funeral, were joined by long time friends and fellow-musicians Jocke Widfeldt (Vocals) (Dominion Caligula, Obscurity Sthlm) and Tobbe Sillman (Guitar) (Guidance of Sin, The Dead). After a while Jocke felt tied up handling both the vocals and the bass (you will understand why when you see him live) and so the band decided to start looking for a permanent bass-player. In early 2004 the band finally got in touch with Jörgen Sandström (Grave, Entombed, The Project Hate MCMXCIX, Krux) and right from the start, during their first rehearsal together, everybody knew that this was going to be a classic collaboration. Not only did J├Ârgen bring great bass-playing and backing vocals, he also takes part in the songwriting which, without a doubt contributes to making the music what it is: Sensational and brilliant pieces of work (Art!) In late 2003 Vicious Art released their first and only demo. Soon thereafter they hooked up with Threeman Recordings and spent the better part of spring and summer 2004 writing material for the debut album Fire Falls and the Waiting Waters. This album was recorded in August at Off Beat Studio in Stockholm and was released in early November 2004. The people who got a chance to hear the recording in advance all agree that this album is a masterpiece and will totally blow the supporters of Metal music away. With the intense blastbeat-riffing combined with heavy and -for lack of better words- melodic dark parts together with the aggressiveness of the vocals, the works just smash through the listener, one after the other. The lyrics are very diverse and deal with topics such as the darker sides of relationships, suicide, the undead ones, the death of family members, twisted poets and Killer Bobs wicked love to Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks (at least, that's one interpretation). Although not very direct, and in many cases, poetic to the extent you couldnt easily say what the lyrics are really about, they will make most listeners think about what they just heard (or read). There is certainly a depth and power behind it.

Weed the Wild is an amazing song similar to Cannae's work. The lyrics are fun, with a grunty roar at the end of phrases in the lyrics. Musical content is mostly death metal, but sounds a bit like metalcore, but with understandable lyrics.

Death Metal

Metaphoric, Insanity, Murder

Sweden (Stockholm), formed in 2002

Mighty Music


Jocke Widfeldt - Vocals (Dominion Caligula, ex-Obscurity (Swe))
Matti ``Dominion`` Mäkelä - Guitar (ex-Dark Funeral, Dominion Caligula, ex-Obscurity (Swe))
Tobbe ``Necrobarber`` Sillman - Guitar (Guidance of Sin, The Dead (Swe))
Jörgen Sandström - Bass, Backing Vocals (ex-Grave, ex-Corpse (Swe), The Project Hate, Krux, ex-Entombed, Death Breath (Live Guest), Putrefaction (Swe))
Robert ``Gaahnfaust`` Lundin - Drums (ex-Dark Funeral, Dominion Caligula, ex-Obscurity (Swe))


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