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From the Sickest Minds

Album: ''From the Sickest Minds'' (2001 Demo)
1. Intro
2. Finkenhagen
3. Tjernet
4. Absence
5. Torso Bitch


Album: ''Disturbance'' (2002 Demo)
1. MonuMental
2. Torso Bitch
3. Swastikrist



Vesen are one of Norway's most thrusting metal bands. Vesen was formed 1998-99 under the name Svarte Faen, and the style was primitive black metal. Prior to releasing a horrible rehearsal tape/demo called "Ilddåp", the band's name was changed to Vesen. The demo was rightfully slaughtered by critics.

As the band members managed to use their instruments instead of only abuse
them, more melody lines and structure was put into the music. The self-engineered 2001 demo "From The Sickest Minds" varies from black metal to gothic/doom, as well as the thrash metal influences that turned out to be the future direction of Vesen.

Another guy that loved the thrash metal concept was Sverre Dæhli, who wanted
Vesen to do their next recording in his Fias Co Studio. This resulted in "Disturbance", with the true face of Vesen finally revealed, sounding the way it was always intended, and the response and reviews of this demo were good.

More song writing, rehearsing and the occasional live appearance (supporting bands like Behemoth, Susperia, Audiopain etc) led Vesen to their second visit to Fias Co to record the "Masterpiece" demo November 2002.
However, around this time there was a bit of turmoil inside the band, and so the band and the release was stalled for some time. Ultimately, some line-up changes were made, and Vesen, which had always been a 5 man band, was resurrected as a 4-piece. With a stronger and more dedicated line-up than ever,
Vesen was back on track, and "Masterpiece" was finally released in July 2003.

Another year later, and Vesen again went to Fias Co, this time to record
their debut full-length, "Ugly"...

Black/thrash metal

Norway (Oslo/Romerike), formed in 1999



Ronny Østli - Guitars/Vocals (Smile Carved Sour, Hellish Orkestra)
Thomas Ljosåk - Guitars/Vocals (ex-Evig Natt)
Kenneth Solbø Andersen - Bass
Dag Olav Husås - Drums (Smile Carved Sour, Lobotomized)

Stian Sandersen - vocals - (Dec 1998 - May 2001) (Abzintas)
Erilaz - bass - (July 1999 - November 2002) (guest in Theudho, Organ (Nor))
David Lie aka evil_dave - bass - (Nov 2002 - April 2003) (Lobotomized, Panzerdivision / Cease.and.Desist , Leper Lupus)
Skrappar - vocals - (June 2001 - July 2003) (Lobotomized)
Christen Smith Volle - bass - July 1999 (session member)


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