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City of Kings

Album: ''City of Kings'' (2007)
1. Enemy
2. City of Kings
3. The Last Word
4. Bad Day
5. Moment of Clarity
6. The Lorax
7. Field Report
8. For the Record
9. Hope
10. Legacy



...."This is neither hardcore, punk or metal, but some strange hybrid monster with a little bit of all three...a very solid debut"
- Ken Wood, Metal Reviews

An Italian immigrant with a southern accent, a circus acrobat from Hungary, and a Phillipino cowboy. This is not the latest reality show from Fox, but a contagiously heavy band from Brooklyn called Verismo. Formed in 2003, the "thrash rock" trio features Stephan Labcoccetta on Guitar, Vincent Cruz on bass, and Tamas Vajda on drums. A completely unique blend of personal tastes form a brand of heavy music with influences ranging from punk, rock, and metal, to classical, and world music. Regardless of what tangent Verismo explore in their romps, the beats are tight, the bass is thick, the guitars are monstrous, and the vocals are powerful.

Trained musicians with a knack for odd time signatures and dark, sarcastic lyricism, Verismo paint a unique portrait of their environment, the "City of Kings" across the water from the glamour of Manhattan. Recorded in one continuous take at Brooklyn's Atomic Studios under the close watch of Dean Baltulonis (Sick of it All, Hold Steady) and mixed masterfully and creatively by Bob Strakele, this is a testament to just how powerful, raw, and intimate a heavy record can sound without overdubs or studio trickery. Verismo, translating to "realism" in Italian, and their debut "City of Kings" offer a rare glimpse of an amazing band in the first phase of a promising career.

Thrash Metal

United States of America (New York City, NY), formed in 2003



Stephan Laboccetta - guitars, vocals
Vincent Cruz - bass, vocals
Tamas Vajda - drums


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