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Go And Live... Stay And Die

Album: ''Go And Live... Stay And Die'' (1987)
1. Suicidal Lunacy
2. Go And Live... Stay And Die
3. Traitor's Fate
4. System Of Death
5. Drugs And Corruption
6. Revolution Command
7. On The Road
8. And The Brave Man Fails (CD-Bonus)

Brain Damage

Album: ''Brain Damage'' (1988)
1. War
2. Brain Damage
3. Conversation
4. Precious Existence
5. Never Die
6. Love Song
7. Fade To Insanity
8. Dominance Of Violence
9. Metal Law

A Cautionary Tale / And the Brave Man Fails

Album: ''A Cautionary Tale / And the Brave Man Fails'' (1988 Split)
1. A Cautionary Tale
2. And the Brave Man Fails



There are many bands with the same name:

1) The first Vendetta - German thrash metal band from late 80s. The band has released two albums back then ( "Go and Live... Stay and Die" & "Brain Damage" ), after disbanding. With the new millenium, Vendetta is back in action.

2) Vendetta is also a hardcore band from Sofia, Bulgaria. They took part on few split CD's - one with Last Hope and Skinflick, one with Outrage and one with Born From Pain. Vendetta have one recorded album:
"Amici Dei, Inamici Mundi" or "Friends Of God, Enemies Of The World", translated from Latin. This album recieved very positive reviews throughout the world and is regarded as one of the best European Hardcore records ever done. Unfortunately the band has disbanded two years ago, starting a new project, called ADIM.

3) Vendetta is also a hardcore metal group from Livonia, Michigan. Started by Zack P. and Alex C in 1998. Vendetta is a big influence in the underground scene in the Detroit area.

4) Vendetta is also a grunge band from Montevideo, Uruguay. They are about to release their first album.

5) Vendetta is a hardcore punk band from Italy!

6) Vendetta is a speed / thrash metal group from Finland. They released mini-album "Search in the Darkness" in 1986 being the 1st speed metal band from Finland.

7) Vendetta from Australia (since 1996)

8) Vendetta from Ukraine (since 2006)

9) Vendetta from UK, featuring Edward Box.

10) Vendetta is a neo-nazi, rac, hatecore band from Hungary.

Thrash Metal

Corruption, Politics, Death, Violence

Germany (Schweinfurt), formed in 1985

ZYX Records


Vocals: Mario Vogel
Guitar: Frank Sch�lch
Bass: Klaus ``Heiner`` Ullrich
Drums: Thomas "Lubber" Kr�mer

Vocals/Guitar: Achim ``Daxx`` H�merlein (ex-Paradox (Ger))
Guitar: Frank Heller (Bloody Climax)
Vocals/Guitar: Michael ``Micky`` Wehner (ex-Paradox (Ger))
Guitar: Frank Sch�lch (Sorrogate, Mystic Alliance)
Drums: Andreas ``Samson`` Samonil


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