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Album: ''Vihavald'' (2004 Demo)
1. Edasi Minevikku
2. Meie Lugu
3. Saatus
4. Tulemaa Pojad
5. Mina-Igavene
6. Manalateel
7. 11. Symfoonia (Bonus Track)

No Life

Album: ''No Life'' (2005 Single)
1. No Life



Vari (meaning shadow in Estonian) was formed in 2004 by Dagaith and Masq, but the actual history of the group begins with the year before, when we started playing guitar together. Later that year we rented a room for rehearsals and recruited a drummer and a bassist, but after a while we realized that it pretty much sucked. We had some trouble understanding each other etc. We thus dismissed the band for some time.
Meanwhile, Masq had taken great interest in computer-music and PA-stuff, so when in 2004 Dagaith recorded a little song Masq, now with some studio skills, experimented with it and added a taste of symphony to it, as well as all the mixing and mastering. Now, later that year, in the summer actually, we decided to do some serious recording. In addition to six songs of experimental melodic/symphonic black metal we added the previously recorded song as a bonus track. All recording was carried out in Masq's home-studio. Guitars and bass were played in by both Dagaith and Masq. Vocals were screamed in by Dagaith and Masq adds his contribution in some songs, too. The synth/symphonic part was done by Masq with some help of his good friend Kris. For several months after the recording session, Masq had some hard time putting the material together, mixing and mastering the stuff. The "digital orchestration", drum programming and special sound FX were done by Masq during the mixing session. But finally, after months of hard work, everything was complete and the demo, named "Vihavald", was ready to be distributed.

Symphonic Black Metal

Estonia (Tallinn), formed in 2004



Dagaith - guitars, vocals
Masq - guitars, science, vocals


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