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Threshold of the Usurper

Album: ''Threshold of the Usurper'' (1997 EP)
1. Necrocult, Part 1 (The Metal War)
2. Slavehammer
3. Black Funeral (Mercyful Fate cover)
4. The Dead of Winter
5. Threshold of the Usurper

Headbangers Against Disco Vol. 2

Album: ''Headbangers Against Disco Vol. 2'' (1997 Split)
1. Anno Satanas
2. Metal Night
3. Witches Sabbath (Vulcano cover)

Skeletal Season

Album: ''Skeletal Season'' (1999)
1. Shadowfiend
2. Dismal Wings of Terror
3. Skeletal Season
4. Embrace the Dead
5. Prowling Death (The Demigoddess)
6. Cemetarian
7. Brimstone Fist
8. Wolflord


Album: ''Necronemesis'' (2000)
1. The Incubus Breed
2. Slaughter Storm
3. In Remembrance
4. Necronemesis
5. 1666 A.D.
6. Warriors of Iron and Rust
7. Deathwish
8. Full Metal Maelstrom
9. Funeral Waters
10. Into the Oblong Box
11. Tales of the Macabre

Visions from the Gods

Album: ''Visions from the Gods'' (2000 Best of/Compilation)
1. Soulstalker '96
2. Deep in the Forest
3. Visions from the Gods
4. Dusk
5. Soulstalker (demo)
6. Charon (King Diamond cover)
7. Bonefire
8. Wolflord (Night Prowler version)
9. Blood Passion (live 1998)
10. Warriors of Iron and Rust (live 2000)

Twilight Dominion

Album: ''Twilight Dominion'' (2003)
1. Metal Lust
2. The Struggle of Tyrants
3. She-Devil
4. Lycanthropic
5. I Am Usurper
6. Golem
7. The Descent
8. Utopian Nightmare
9. Invincible Overlords
10. Vatican Time Machine
11. The Oath of Silence
12. Perpetual Twilight


Album: ''Cryptobeast'' (2005)
1. Bones of My Enemies
2. Supernatural Killing Spree
3. Kill for Metal
4. Conquest of the Grotesque
5. Ectoplasm
6. Return of the Werewolf
7. Reptilian
8. Cryptobeast
9. Wrath of God
10. Warriors of Iron and Rust (Battalions of the New Millennium)



Biography: USURPER formed in1993 and released their first demo in 1994. Since then, USURPER have recorded 5 full length albums, 1 mini album, 1 rarities CD and toured 16 different countries around the world.

USURPER'S blend of 80's inspired thrash metal, classic heavy metal anthems, over-the-top chaos and hints of dark, melodic atmosphere have been a trademark of the band since day one. USURPER doesn't preach any political/religious ideologies, or sing about any socially relevant topics.

Topics such as: werewolfs, monster folklore, alien invasions, ancient civilizations, ancient battles, cryptozoological creatures, hauntings, prophecies, time travel, and the paranormal are the essence of Usurper's words, which when combined with the music, and artwork create a strange fantasy world of dark heavy metal horror.

Black/Thrash Metal

Metal Pride, Supernatural, Occult

United States of America (Chicago, IL), formed in 1993

Earache Records


Rick S. Scythe - Guitar, Vocals (ex-The Dead Youth)
Jon Necromancer - Bass, Vocals
Carcass Chris - Guitar (Eternal Hatred)

Dave Hellstorm - Drums (ex-Funeral Bitch (US), Disinter, ex-The Dead Youth))
General Diabolical Slaughter - Vocals
Danny "Tyrantor" Lawson - Vocals (ex-Cumchrist, ex-Dead of Winter (US))
Joe Apocalyptic Warlord - Drums


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