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Album: ''Pareja'' (2004 Demo)
1. Her Majesty Silence
2. Urskumug
3. The Third
4. When World Becomes Ice
5. Pareja
6. Naves Ena (Death's Shadow)
7. Uguns Siena (Wall Of Fire)
8. Warriors End
9. The Heathens Cave
10. ...



URSKUMUG (former RAVEN) came to be in 2001, when the twosome of Krauklis (guitar/voice) and Slayorda (keys) was joined by Maero (guitar). Ever since, the sound of the band evolved towards a rapid and atmospheric black metal hailstorm with an intention to avoid live drums, relying on the impeccable soul of the drummachine instead.

In 2002 the band chose its current name, which represents the primordial mythago and the earliest stage of the so-called human mould, depicted as a bear/boar-like half-animal, half-human creature in a cycle of mythopoetical fiction novels, authored by the English zoologist Robert Holdstock. During its first years of pre-conceived existence URSKUMUG tried out a number of other musicians, however none met the conditions vital to remain with the band.

Late 2002 saw the bands first live appearances and rehearsal/studio recordings. The song When Water Becomes Ice was featured on the then only Latvian metal compilation CD, and in August 2003 URSKUMUG entered the infamous studio Phoenix in Riga to record their first full-length album Pāreja (Passage). The self-released demo-cd received an excellent response and estabilished URSKUMUG among the elite of Latvian metal bands.

The next 2 years passed by playing shows, working on songs and looking out for the missing links in the chain. The long search was rewarded in the beginning of 2005, when Kriwix (ex-Moonveil) is unearthed as a permanent bassist for URSKUMUG. Later this year the band is abandoned by its long-term member Slayorda, whose replacement is soon found in Draake, former keyman of the Latvian dragon metal legends Heresiarh. Another blink of an eye later URSKUMUG accept a deal with the Lithuanian label Ledo Takas Records and head for the studio again. The result of this cooperation is Am Nodr [The Other Side] CD - the industrial-tinged tribal black metal cycle representing a young seeker's spiritual journey through the deathside of the collective subconscious and verbally exploring the subjects of Shamanism, Time and the Shadow.

However shortly after the release of Am Nodr both Draake and Kriwix decide to cease their membership with URSKUMUG and Krauklis with Maero are left alone again. Nevertheless it takes only half a year to find a new, full line-up for the band and at last, in the beginning of 2007, the band is comissioned with 3 new musicians - Balrogh on drums (known from the Latvian gothic/industrial rock band Ex Animā, the thrash metal oldies Huskvarn, and a couple more) together with the bass player Ilze from the same band, and Mythago - the goddess of keyboards.

Please note that this profile image does not depict the band's current line-up.

Black Metal

Darkness, Pagan Beliefs

Latvia (Riga), formed in 2002

Ledo Takas Records


Krauklis - guitars, drum programming, vocals (Dark Domination - Live member)
Maero - guitars, drum programming
Balrogh - drums (Kaspars of Huskvarn, ex-Necromancer (Lva), ex-Hell Patrol, ex-Mutilate Myself, ex-Animâ)
Mythago - keys
Ilze - Bass (ex-Animâ)

Midgard - drums (now in Nycticorax, Dark Domination)
Bezerker - bass
Slayorda - keyboards
Kriwix bass, effects
Draake (aka Morgrvrs) keyboards, effects, additional vocals (ex-Heresiarh)


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