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Album: ''2000'' (2000 Demo)
1. Af hele mit hjerte
2. Ukristelig længsel
3. Krigsdans
4. Det blodbestænkte fængsel


Album: ''2001'' (2001 Demo)
1. Knoglerne skriger
2. Her var aldrig smukt

2002 version 1

Album: ''2002 version 1'' (2002 Demo)
1. Nord (Den første krig)
2. Solen brænder ihjel
3. Aldrig smukt (Instrumental)
4. Kødet triumferer

2002 Version 2

Album: ''2002 Version 2'' (2002 Demo)
1. Nord ( Den Förste Krig)
2. Solen Braender Ihjel
3. Intet Ansigt
4. Kloglerne Skriger

Primordial Promo 2003

Album: ''Primordial Promo 2003'' (2003 Demo)
1. Cannibal Melancholy
2. Eternal Cosmic Slaughter
3. Soulless
4. The Scarlet Burning

Eternal Cosmic Slaughter

Album: ''Eternal Cosmic Slaughter'' (2004)
1. Blessed Be The Human Beast
2. Paint The City Black
3. Soulless
4. Unleash The Will
5. Eternal Cosmic Slaughter
6. At The Border Of The Known World
7. Cannibal Melancholy
8. Through Your Senses
9. The Scarlet Burning

The Inhuman Aberration

Album: ''The Inhuman Aberration'' (2006)
1. Too Strong for the Strongest Lord
2. This Great Summer
3. The Only Gods
4. The Inhuman Aberration
5. Open the Gate
6. Come No Tomorrow
7. Watch Your Own Eyes
8. Liberation
9. Forsaken
10. The Pressure of Our Jaws



Founded in 1995 by vocalist/guitarist Thomas Stromvig Pedersen, guitarist R. Mork, drummer Mikael Skou Jorgensen and bassist Jeppe Tander, Denmark’s Urkraft embarked upon an experimental journey through the depths of thrash metal. The name, translated in Scandanavian/German as ‘primordial’ or ‘primitive’ force immediately establishes Urkraft’s belief in the importance of their music.

Following years of experimenting with their sound and their dynamics as a group, in 2000 Urkraft recruited Cacophony guitarist Thomas Birk and in 2001 took Tommy Neperus on board as a keyboard player for their live shows, before establishing Jeppe Eg’s position as a full time keyboardist in the same year, to enhance the band’s sound. As a group, Urkraft released a handful of demos with roots in both old school and melodic Death Metal and with links to the more atmospheric side of Black Metal. No matter whether these demos were dominated by fast or slow parts, brutal or more emotionally charged parts, the key aim was always to have a dark feel and focused song writing.

In 2003 Urkraft released the four-track demo “Primordial”, which established a sound that resembled a more modern and thrash-metal approach. This demo marked a bold departure from the realm of Danish lyrics, with each song being written in English and also affirmed Urkraft as talented musicians, reflected by the natural seating of keyboards within their sound. The success of the “Primordial” demo led to the band signing with German label Cartel Media, before releasing their debut album “Eternal Cosmic Slaughter” in March 2004. This album, recorded at the Antfarm studio in Denmark lulled Urkraft into a wide stint of touring. Urkraft supported fellow countrymen Withering Surface on their Danish tour, appeared at the North Atlantic Masters of the Universe Festival 2004 in Iceland and played a few gigs in hitherto unexplored parts of Germany.

All in all the word and the sound spread, and more metalheads joined the slaughter of the underground phenomena Urkraft. In May 2006 they released their second full-length album on Earache Records, entitled “The Inhuman Aberration’, once again recorded at the Antfarm studio, produced by sonic mastermind Tue Madsen. This album features their fastest and most brutal efforts thus far, penetrated by a dark and emotionally intense sense of self-expression.

URKRAFT is a Scandinavian/German expression and could be translated into primordial or primitive force.

Melodic Death Metal

Darkness and corruption

Denmark (Copenhagen), formed in 1995

Earache Records


Thomas Strømvig Pedersen - vocals, guitar
Thomas Birk - guitar
Jeppe Tander - bass
Mikael Skou Jørgensen - drums (Ureas)

R. Mørk - guitars
Jeppe Eg Jensen - keyboards (ex-Manticora)


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