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Promo 2002

Album: ''Promo 2002'' (2002 Demo)
1. Deadweight
2. Inner Fray
3. Not For Me

Promo 2003

Album: ''Promo 2003'' (2003 Demo)
1. On The Broken Line
2. Patron Saint

Earth Magick

Album: ''Earth Magick'' (2005)
1. Rowena's Song
2. Not For Me
3. The Last Moment
4. Snow White
5. Supergirl
6. Heaven
7. For The Huntress And The Moon
8. In Green Darkness



The foundation stone for the sound of Unshine was laid in May 2000 in Helsinki (Finland), when Susanna (the singer) attended the band’s rehearsals for the first time. Her musical and personal character clicked with the band instantly. All of the musicians had known each other for several years and had previously played together at very diverse musical projects. The first years were filled with intensive rehearsing and song composing. In the beginning of 2002 Unshine self-produced their first demo (‘Promo 2002’) with three songs. At the following summer the band played their first gigs. Soon the band came up with the second demo (‘Promo 2003’) and started to get lots of positive attention and feedback especially from foreign media. The band’s sound was categorized to atmospheric gothic metal along with Within Temptation, The Gathering, Lacuna Coil, After Forever, Tiamat etc. This was pretty surprising, as especially in the beginning of their career the band did not really know how to categorize their music. The band did number of successful gigs and along with intensified practising the sound advanced even more heavier and deeper in all levels. In 2004 Unshine recorded the debut album, entitled ‘Earth Magick’ and signed a record deal with Low Frequency Records. The debut was released in Finland and in Northern America by Crash Music in 2005 and it got great reviews from all around the world. The band is currently preparing their 2nd, yet untitled album. The quintet aims to create unique and timeless atmosphere to their songs. The songs have many allusions to mythology and folklore. They are sort of gothic fairy tales, with occasional elements and beliefs from our forgotten interdependence with the primeval forces of nature. The lyrics allude sometimes to old archetypes, nature religions and to early historical events. The ultimate essence of the songs could be a dream of the return to the lost paradise still not giving up one’s hope…

Gothic Metal

Finland (Helsinki), formed in 2001

Low Frequency Records


Susanna - Vocals
Jukka - Drums
Harri - Guitars
Jari - Guitars
Teemu Vähäkangas - Bass (Bloodride (Fin), Astaroth (Fin))

Mika - Keyboards


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