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Where No Life Dwells

Album: ''Where No Life Dwells'' (1991)
1. Where No Life Dwells
2. Dead Forever
3. Before the Creation of Time
4. For They Shall Be Slain
5. If They Had Eyes
6. The Dark One
7. Into Glory Ride
8. ...and the Laughter Has Died
9. Unleashed
10. Violent Ecstasy
11. Where Life Ends

Shadows in the Deep

Album: ''Shadows in the Deep'' (1992)
1. The Final Silence
2. The Immortals
3. A Life Beyond
4. Shadows in the Deep
5. Countess Bathory (Venom cover) (CD bonus)
6. Never Ending Hate
7. Onward into Countless Battles
8. Crush the Skull
9. Bloodbath
10. Land of Ice

Across the Open Sea

Album: ''Across the Open Sea'' (1993)
1. To Asgaard We Fly
2. Open Wide
3. I Am God
4. The One Insane
5. Across the Open Sea
6. In the Northern Lands
7. Forever Goodbye (2045)
8. Execute Them All
9. Captured
10. Breakin' the Law (Judas Priest cover)
11. The General

Live In Vienna

Album: ''Live In Vienna '93'' (1993 Live album)
1. The Final Silence
2. Bloodbath
3. Before the Creation of Time
4. Shadows in the Deep
5. Never Ending Hate
6. If They Had Eyes
7. Open Wide
8. Onward into Countless Battles, Part 1
9. Onward into Countless Battles, Part 2
10. Where No Life Dwells / Dead Forever
11. Countess Bathory
12. The Immortals
13. Into Glory Ride
14. Breaking the Law (Judas Priest cover)


Album: ''Victory'' (1995)
1. Victims of War
2. Legal Rapes
3. Hail the New Age
4. The Defender
5. In the Name of God
6. Precious Land
7. Berserk
8. Scream Forth Aggression
9. Against the World
10. Revenge


Album: ''Warrior'' (1997)
1. Warmachine
2. In Hellfire
3. Mediawhore
4. Down under Ground
5. My Life for You
6. Death Metal Victory
7. Hero of the Land
8. Löngt Nid
9. Born Deranged
10. I Have Returned
11. Ragnarök
12. Your Pain My Gain
13. The End


Album: ''Hell's Unleashed'' (2002)
1. Don't Want to Be Born
2. Hell's Unleashed
3. Demoneater
4. Fly Raven Fly
5. Mrs. Minister
6. Joy in the Sun
7. Demons Rejoice
8. We'll Come for You
9. Triggerman
10. Dissection Leftovers
11. Peace, Piece by Piece
12. Burnt Alive
13. Your Head Is Mine
14. Made in Hell

Sworn Allegiance

Album: ''Sworn Allegiance'' (2004)
1. Winterland
2. Destruction (of the Race of Men)
3. Only the Dead
4. The Longships Are Coming
5. Helljoy
6. Insane for Blood
7. I Bring You Death
8. Attack!
9. CEO
10. One Night in Nazareth
11. Praised Be the Lord
12. Metalheads
13. To Miklagård
14. Long Live the Beast


Album: ''Midvinterblot'' (2006)
1. Blood of Lies
2. This Is Our World Now
3. We Must Join with Him
4. Midvinterblot
5. In Victory or Defeat
6. Triumph or Genocide
7. The Avenger
8. Salvation for Mankind
9. Psycho Killer
10. The Witch
11. I Have Sworn Allegiance
12. Age of the Warrior
13. New Dawn Rising
14. Loyalty and Pride
15. Valhalla Awaits



Unleashed is a Swedish death metal band formed in 1989 by bassist Johnny Hedlund after he left Nihilist for personal reasons. The band was one of the firsts death metal groups to write songs about history and Scandinavian culture instead of the violent and negative lyrics that is common in the genre.

Current line-up is: Johnny Hedlund (bass, vocals), Fredrik Folkare (lead guitars, ex-Siebenbürgen), Thomas Olsson (rhythm guitars, former Julie Laughs Nomore member) and Anders Schultz (drums).

Death Metal

Death, darkness (old), Viking myths, honor (later)

Sweden (Kungsängen), formed in 1989



Johnny Hedlund : Bass, vocals (Nihilist (Swe))
Fredrik Folkare : Lead guitars (ex-Siebenbürgen, ex-Incardine)
Tomas Måsgard : Rhythm guitars (Julie Laughs Nomore)
Anders Schultz : Drums

Robert Sennebäck : Vocals (1989-1990) and Guitars (ex-Dismember, Damnation)
Fredrik Lindgren : Lead guitars (ex-Terra Firma, Born of Fire (Swe), Harms Way (Swe))


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