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Album: ''Demo'' (1990 Demo)
1. Alone
2. Instrumental
3. From the Shadows
4. Colossal Vision

Procession of Black Doom

Album: ''Procession of Black Doom'' (1990 Demo)
1. Procession of Black Doom
2. Apocalyptic Terror
3. Colossal Visions
4. Time Has Gone
5. Death Will Rule

Trip to Depressive Autumn

Album: ''Trip to Depressive Autumn'' (1991 EP)
1. Stench of Ishtar
2. Autumn
3. Creative Lunacy
4. The Trip Was Infra Green

From the Shadows

Album: ''From the Shadows'' (1993)
1. Alone
2. Gray Blow
3. Creative Lunacy
4. Autumn
5. Stench of Ishtar
6. Colossal Vision
7. Time Has Gone
8. The Trip Was Infra Green
9. Passe Tiermes

The Second Ring of Power

Album: ''The Second Ring of Power'' (1994)
1. The Second Ring of Power
2. Languish for Bliss
3. Lady Babylon
4. Neverending Day
5. Dreamside
6. Procession of Black Doom
7. Covetous Glance
8. Air
9. Serious Personality Disturbance and Deep Anxiety


Album: ''Rapture'' (1998)
1. Into Cold Light
2. Petrified Spirits
3. For the Unknown One
4. Wunderwerck
5. After God
6. Unzeitgeist
7. Wretched
8. Deluge


Album: ''Gracefallen'' (1999)
1. ...Of Tragedy
2. Immaculate
3. Daybreak
4. When Truth Turns Its Head
5. Wanderer
6. Reek Of The Night
7. Haoma
8. Seeker
9. Athene Noctua



There are at least three artists with this name.

1) Unholy is a Finnish doom metal band that was considerably influential to funeral doom and death/doom styles. They formed in the late 80s as Holy Hell, and changed their name to Unholy in 1990. They released a few demos and 4 full-length albums. After the second full-length, the band was briefly broken up, and the guitarist was fired from the band for joining the military. After their reformation they made two more albums and then split up for good in 2000.

2) There's another band named Unholy, who hail from Syracuse, New York. Even though the band is new, its members are veterans who have been in bands such as Path Of Resistance, Another Victim and Godbelow.
Their CD "Blood Of The Medusa" is thrash infused metallic hardcore that's intense and straightforward. You'll hear influences of everyone from Carcass to Slayer to Corrosion Of Conformity.

3) There is also a swedish deathmetalband called Unholy. The lineup was: Mattias Hagman - vocals, Janne Wiklund - guitar, Henke Svensson - guitar, Johan Hamrin - bass, Mårten Magnefors - drums. They did 2 songs for the Metal North compilation (1993) and a 4 track EP - Abused(1994). They broke up in 1998 and Janne Wiklund later joined Left Hand Solution in 1998 and Henke Svensson joined The Confusions in 1999. Mårten also played drums in Peter Dolling Band amongst a thousand other bands.

Doom metal

Sorrow, Nature, Philosophy, Loneliness...

Finland (Imatra), formed in 1990



Pasi Äijö - Bass/Vocals (1988-2002) (Salaiset Rasiat)
Ismo Toivonen - Guitars (1989-2002)
Jade Vanhala - Guitars (1999-2002)
Jan Kuhanen - Drums (1991-2002)
Veera Muhli - Vocals/Keyboards (1998-2002) (The Mist and the Morning Dew, ex-Shaman (Fin), My Sweet Sorrows)

Jarkko Toivonen : Guitars (Tiermes, Temple of Tiermes) (1988-1994)
Kimmo Hanninen - Drums
Lasse Pitkänen (Beliar)
Tanja Wehsely - Female vocals on 'From the Shadows'
Merja Salmela - Female vocals on 'The Second Ring of Power'


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