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Own Universe

Album: ''Own Universe'' (2006)
1. Creeping Silence (Intro)
2. Out of the Game
3. Sense of Life
4. Star
5. Falling Down
6. All I Desired
7. Laugh at Me
8. Were is Your God
9. New Friend
10. Own Universe
11. Sleeping Deeply



The band was founded in 1997. The official Birthday of UNERASE is on January the 13th. The musicians are working on their first Progressive Heavy Metal material performing it in various small clubs. On spring 1997 they make their first two records on the "Dynasty" recording studio. One of those records (The Land of Dreams) hits the 9th place among "pop" tracks at the "Promin'" radio station's hit-parade "12-2". UNERASE is working hard during the whole 1997-year: performing at the various fests, takes part in the TV show "That's Us". At the beginning of 1998, musicians make acquaintance with Yurij "Joy" Nesterenko - the program manager of the "Rocks Radio Ukraine". Organizers of the "Marshal's Plan" hit-parade (a program for begining Ukrainian rock-musicians) and Unerase work as a team and the " Marshal's Plan" becomes a success: "Radio Rocks Ukraine's" number one among the leading Ukrainian FM radio stations. During that period of time UNERASE keeps one of the leading position among three most popular participants and gets the leading position time after time. Some of the compositions got to the "golden fund" of the "Rocks Radio Ukraine".

1998-1999 guys are working on their debut album in their own studio "Unerase Records", performing with such bands as "Flying", "Te Deum", "Blast", "Mad Sanity", "Camera Obscure" (ex-Admuscias) etc. The band takes part in Victor Ozolin's fests "The Great Commandment" and performs at the opening of the bike season. On May 22 UNERASE among Splin (RU), Chaif (RU), Agatha Cristhy (RU), Liapis Trubetskoi (BY), Chizh & Co. (RU), Neschastnyi Sluchai, bands from Russia and Belorus, is performing a concert on the main square of the contry, in support of the ukrainian boxer Vitaly Klichko. On May 26 among Uriah Heep (UK), Aria (RU), Splin (RU) etc. On September the 12th UNERASE plays at "Bike'onur-99" as the official support band of Aria, the famous Heavy Metal band from Russia. At the end of 1999 the first Unerase's album "New Reality" is being released on "Moon Records". On March the 17th 2000 the album is successfully represented at "The Great Commandment" fest. The sells of the album were great and UNERASE becomes to be one of three most popular "heavy" bands in Ukraine.

Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore

Ukraine (Kyyiv), formed in 1997

Moon Records


Alexander Takhmazov - Guitars
Alexey Kosiuk - Guitars
Eugenie Mamchin - Bass, Vocals
Maxim Gaiduchenko - Vocals
Vadim Ziubin - Drums

Dmitry Khvorostovsky - Vocals
Eugenie Titarchuk - Guitars (Grimfaith)
Nicolay Ivanov - Drums
Vladislav Nastusenko - Guitars


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