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Cries of the Past

Album: ''Cries of the Past'' (2000)
1. The Last
2. Walking Away
3. Giving Up Hurts The Most
4. And I Dreamt of You
5. Cries of the Past


Album: ''They're Only Chasing Safety'' (2004)
1. Young and Aspiring
2. A Boy Brushed Red… Living in Black and White
3. The Impact of Reason
4. Reinventing Your Exit
5. The Blue Note
6. It's Dangerous Business Walking out Your Front Door
7. Down, Set, Go
8. I Don't Feel very Receptive Today
9. I'm Content with Losing
10. Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape
11. i've Got 10 Friends and a Crowbar That Says You Ain't Gonna Do Jack
12. The 80's Song
13. You're so Intricate
14. SmicTague

Album: ''I've Got Ten Friends and a Crowbar That Says You Ain't Gonna Do Jack'' (2005 Single)
1. I've Got Ten Friends and a Crowbar That Says You Ain't Gonna Do Jack

Define the Great Line

Album: ''Define the Great Line'' (2006)
1. In Regards to Myself
2. A Moment Suspended in Time
3. There Could Be Nothing After This
4. You're Ever So Inviting
5. Sálmarnir
6. Returning Empty Handed
7. Casting Such a Thin Shadow
8. Moving for the Sake of Motion
9. Writing on the Walls
10. Everyone Looks so Good From Here
11. To Whom It May Concern

In Regards to Myself

Album: ''In Regards to Myself'' (2006 Single)
1. In Regards to Myself



Underoath is a Christian post-hardcore band from Tampa, Florida. Underoath formed in 1998 in then-vocalist Dallas Taylor's bedroom in Tampa, Florida. The band was signed to Takehold Records in 1999 and that year released their debut, Act of Depression. This album was followed a year later by the five-song, forty-minute Cries of the Past; both albums are currently out of print. The band's lineup during this time changed frequently and bore little resemblance to the current band. Likewise, the band's music was far heavier in those days, dabbling in grindcore and melodic death metal, along with periodic structure and time changes and electronic elements. These first albums brought Underoath a small but devoted fanbase.

In 2001, Takehold Records was bought out by Tooth & Nail Records; Underoath was subsequently signed to Tooth & Nail's heavier subsidiary, Solid State Records. The band, which was now a sextet, worked with Cries of the Past producer James Paul Wisner (Further Seems Forever, New Found Glory) on their Solid State debut, The Changing of Times, which was released on February 26, 2002. Frequent lineup changes were the main cause of a slightly more accessible sound for the band; shorter songs and more melodic, verse-chorus oriented song structures replaced the epic twists and turns of their earlier records. Though the change in style caused some long-time fans of the band to criticize the album, The Changing of Times went on to outsell both of their previous albums combined.

In 2003, Underoath supported The Changing of Times through their first stint on the Vans Warped Tour, but their participation in the tour came to a screeching halt when lead singer Dallas Taylor controversially left the band. Reasons for Dallas leaving the band are explained in Alternative Press [#219]. Taylor was asked to leave Underoath by guitarist Timothy McTague after a disagreement within the band. Taylor is now the lead singer for Southern metalcore outfit Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.

Underoath dropped off the rest of the Warped Tour and the band's future was in considerable doubt. However, the band then went on a supporting tour with Atreyu that fall with Winter Solstice vocalist Matt Tarpey as the temporary vocalist. Then later in the year, at the CMJ Fest in New York City, the band reappeared with new lead vocalist Spencer Chamberlain, formerly of This Runs Through.

They're Only Chasing Safety

During the early months of 2004, the band hit the studio again with Wisner to record their first album with Spencer Chamberlain on vocals and their second record for Solid State. They're Only Chasing Safety proved to be a breakout success for the band, going on to sell about 350,000 copies to date. Far more melodic than past efforts, Underoath moved even further away from their metal roots; drummer Gillespie arguably made as much of an impact with his singing on the record as Chamberlain did with his screaming. "Reinventing Your Exit" and "It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door" were the album's singles; both songs spawned music videos that received airplay on MTV2 and Fuse.

The album received criticism from many members of its original fanbase, mostly concerning the large departure from their metalcore roots, although many publications refer to the band as metalcore to this day.

Despite the criticism, They're Only Chasing Safety debuted at #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart and later charted well into the Billboard 200. Following the release of the album, the band played a number of Warped Tour dates. In the Spring of 2005 the band was asked to participate on the inaugural Taste of Chaos tour. Shortly after the tour, the band embarked on its first headlining tour. The band premièred two brand-new songs during the length of the tour.

The band landed on the cover of Alternative Press magazine for the first time in September of 2005, and in October of 2005, They're Only Chasing Safety was re-released in a two-disc set with four unreleased songs, new artwork by Converge's Jacob Bannon, and a DVD with over two hours worth of footage of the band touring in support of the album.

Define the Great Line

Underoath entered the studio in January 2006 to record their fifth album. Matt Goldman, a founding member of Blue Man Group, and Adam Dutkiewicz, guitarist for Killswitch Engage, worked with the band in producing the album, which would come to be titled Define the Great Line. The album combined the intricate melodies of They're Only Chasing Safety with a partial return to the band's metalcore roots.

An unfinished version of the album was leaked onto BitTorrent websites and P2P services months before the release date. Members of the band released a statement saying that the leaked version was an unmixed & unmastered, raw copy of the album which lacked certain elements and the finished product would sound much different.

The band flew to Sweden in the spring of 2006 to make videos for the new songs "In Regards to Myself" and "Writing on the Walls"; the latter was chosen as the lead single for the album and was later nominated for the 2007 Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video. When Define the Great Line released on June 20, 2006, it sold 98,000 copies in its first week and made it's début on the Billboard 200 Chart at #2 [6], the highest debut for a Christian album since 1997 [7]. In its first four weeks on the chart, it stayed in the top 50. It debuted at #1 on the Christian, Christian/Gospel, and Rock charts.

With the debut of Define the Great Line, Underoath simultaneously released a special edition version of the album featuring special artwork and a DVD that includes another behind-the-scenes movie and a "making of" video.

Define the Great Line was certified Gold by the RIAA on November 11, 2006, representing 500,000 shipped units of the album. It is the first album in Solid State history to reach that distinction.

The band toured extensively throughout Europe, Australia, and Asia in the fall of 2006 and is scheduled to tour with Taking Back Sunday and Armor for Sleep from February to April in 2007. Underoath shot videos for the songs "You're Ever So Inviting" and "A Moment Suspended in Time"; which have both been released. [1]

Breakup Rumours

Multiple rumors have flown around by word of mouth and through the internet of Underoath breaking up, members leaving, and rehab stories. Underoath released a statement confirming none of this was true and they followed through by doing their Canadian tour followed by the 'Taste of Chaos World Tour'. It has now been confirmed that Underoath will be playing again on Warped Tour 2007 from July 24th to August 9th.

In 2006 Aaron Gillespie (drums/vocals) started a new band, 'The Almost', whose debut album 'Southern Weather' was released in April 2007 to critical acclaim. Aaron's apparent departure from the band has sparked yet more speculation over Underoath's future. Contrary to these rumours Aaron has continued to tour with Underoath on its tours of South America and Australia, only missing a run of shows because of a thumb infection.

Groove Metal/Deathcore (early), Hardcore/Screamo (later)


United States of America (Ocala, Florida), formed in 1998

Tooth & Nail/Solid State Records


Spencer Chamberlain: Vocals
Timothy McTague: Guitar
James Smith: Guitar
Christopher Dudley: Keyboards
Grant Brandell: Bass
Aaron Gillespie: Drums/Vocals (The Almost)

Dallas Taylor (Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Everett)
Matt Tarpey

Matthew Clark (Sleeping By The Riverside)
Billy Nottke
Rey Anasco
Octavio Fernandez (At The Wake)

Scott Nunn (also Drums)
Corey Steger
Luke Morton
Alena Cason (also Vocals)
Sam Shuffler (The Milanos)


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