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In Blood We Stand

Album: ''In Blood We Stand'' (2007 EP)
1. In Blood We Stand
2. Taste On My Lips
3. Weapon Of Dislike
4. Knife
5. Soundtrack Of My Life
6. Grapes Of Wrath



In fall 1995 Christian Hoffmann ( former guitar ) and Jan Häseler ( drums ) started making music together. Under several names and with different other musicians they were playing together until finally in summer 1999 Kai-Philipp Adamietz ( vocals, guitar ) and Timo Rupprecht ( bass ) joined the band.

In spring 2000 uncover entered the stage and played their first concert ever. After further gigs in the area around Bünde the four recorded the first album which also had the name uncover. In 2001 the band played some more concerts and also published the black knight ep. Shortly after that, in february 2002 uncover returned into Jan Häselers basement in order to record the next cd named gonzo. All the mixing and mastering was done by the four musicians themselves so that gonzo could be released in april. Having played another nine gigs during this time uncover started composing new songs for the next album in the end of the year. These new compositions have been recorded, mixed and mastered in uncovers rehearsal room from january until may 2004. Hatefriend was presented to the crowd on May 28th, 2004.

In november 2005 Christian Hoffmann decided to leave the band for personal reasons so that in 2006 Jens Eggersmann ( guitar, vocals ) joined uncover to complete the band again. From that time on uncover is working intensively on new songs to enlarge the live-repertoire and is also using the time to improve already existing songs.

In the end of 2006 uncover recorded a new six-track-ep. In a cooperation with Predator’s guitar player Niels Löffler, who was responsible for all the mixing and mastering, uncover again used their rehearsal room for the recordings. The new demo “In Blood We Stand” came out on January 13th, 2007 on the “Radio-Rockbar-Festival” in Bünde.

Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore

Germany (Bünde, NRW), formed in 1995



Kai-Philipp Adamietz - Vocals, Guitar
Jens Eggersmann - Guitar, Vocals
Timo Rupprecht - Bass
Jan Häseler - Drums

Christian Hoffmann - Guitar, Vocals (How Sad A Fate)


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