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Album: ''Snailking'' (2004)
1. Blotch
2. Hopscotch
3. Lacrimosa
4. Odio
5. God
6. Alcool
7. Braindome
8. Demontain



Inspired as much by the space-tinged acid rock of Kyuss and Monster Magnet as by progressive rock icons like Pink Floyd, Blue Cheer and early Black Sabbath, Tortona, Italy's UFOmammut was formed in 1999 by Urlo (bass/vocals), Poia (guitar/keyboards) and Vita (drums).
After releasing their well-received Godlike Snake debut in the year 2000, Ufomammut toured sporadically and contributed odd tracks to numerous compilations and tribute albums -- most notably the Blue Explosion tribute to Blue Cheer.
After the recording sessions Alien (the synth player) left the band.
Recorded in 2003, their superlative sophomore effort, Snailking was released by The Music Cartel a year later it's a seminal album, which combine the violence of Neurosis with the psychedelia of the more visionary Pink Floyd.
Lucifer Songs followed in late 2005 both on cd+dvd and Lp+dvd, produced by their new label SupernaturalCat and rocket recordings.
"Lucifer songs" is the result of a mature and tight-knit band, willing to experiment whilst maintaining their core sound, evolving alongside new soundscapes made up of sinister atmospheres and gloomy sounds of vintage electronics and obsessive dilatations approaching drone music.
As "lucifer songs" has been released, many musical critics defined the band’s sound as the beginning of a whole new kind of music, which mixes doom with psychedelic, trance with extreme, industrial with post-rock.
Ufomammut's live show is supported by the internationally acclaimed video and graphic art of Malleus, a rock artists’ collective who conjure the entirety of Ufommamut’s visual impact.

Psychedelic Stoner/Doom Metal

Italy, formed in 1999

Supernatral Cat records


LeGof : synth, effects, backing vocals
Poia : guitars
Urlo : bass guitar and vocals
Vita : drums


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