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Animal House

Album: ''Animal House'' (1988)
1. Animal House
2. Go Back To Hell
3. They Want War
4. Black Widow
5. In The Darkness
6. Lay Down The Law
7. We Want It Loud
8. Hot Tonight
9. Warrior
10. Coming Home
11. Run For Cover

They Want War

Album: ''They Want War'' (1988 Single)
1. They Want War
2. Hot Tonight
3. Go Back To Hell

Mean Machine

Album: ''Mean Machine'' (1989)
1. Don't Look Back
2. Break the Rules
3. We're History
4. Painted Love
5. Mean Machine
6. Dirty Boys
7. Streets on Fire
8. Lost Passion
9. Sweet Little Child
10. Catch My Fall
11. Still in Love With You


Album: ''U.D.O/Mammoth'' (1989 Split album)
1. U.D.O - Don't Look Back
2. U.D.O - Break The Rules
3. U.D.O - Mean Machine
4. U.D.O - Dirty Boys
5. Mammoth - Can't Take The Hurt
6. Mammoth - All The Days
7. Mammoth - Fatman
8. Mammoth - Long Time Coming

Faceless World

Album: ''Faceless World'' (1990)
1. Heart of Gold
2. Blitz of Lightning
3. System of Life
4. Faceless World
5. Stranger
6. Restricted Area
7. Living on A Frontline
8. Trip to Nowhere
9. Born to Run
10. Can't Get Enough
11. Unspoken Words
12. Future Land

Heart of Gold

Album: ''Heart of Gold'' (1990 Single)
1. Heart of Gold
2. System of Life

Time Bomb

Album: ''Time Bomb'' (1991)
1. The Gutter
2. Metal Eater
3. Thunderforce
4. Overloaded
5. Burning Heat
6. Back in Pain
7. Timebomb
8. Powersquad
9. Kick in the Face
10. Soldiers of Darkness
11. Metal Maniac Master Mind


Album: ''Solid'' (1997)
1. Independence Day
2. Two Faced Woman
3. Desperate Balls
4. The Punisher
5. Devil's Dice
6. Bad Luck
7. Preachers of the Night
8. Hate Stinger
9. Braindead Hero
10. Pray for the Hunted
11. Healer

Independence Day

Album: ''Independence Day'' (1997 Single)
1. Independence Day
2. Desperate Balls
3. The Punisher
4. Independence Day (video edit)

Two Faced Woman

Album: ''Two Faced Woman'' (1997 Single)
1. Two Faced Woman
2. The Healer
3. The Healer (radio version)

No Limits

Album: ''No Limits'' (1998)
1. The Gate
2. Freelance Man
3. Way of Life
4. No Limits
5. With A Vengeance
6. One Step to Fate
7. Backstreet Loner
8. Raise the Crown
9. Manhunt
10. Rated X
11. Lovemachine
12. I'm A Rebel
13. Azrael


Album: ''Lovemachine'' (1998 Single)
1. Lovemachine
2. I`m a rebel
3. Freelance man


Album: ''Holy'' (1999)
1. Holy
2. Raiders of Beyond
3. Shout it Out
4. Recall the Sin
5. Thunder in the Tower
6. Back Off
7. Friends Will Be Friends
8. State Run Operation
9. Danger
10. Ride the Storm
11. Cut Me Out

Best Of

Album: ''Best Of'' (1999 Best of/Compilation)
1. Animal House
2. Break The Rules
3. Heart Of Gold
4. Two Faced Woman
5. Metal Eater
6. Desperate Balls
7. Future Land
8. Independence Day
9. They Want War
10. In The Darkness
11. Freelance Man
12. No Limits
13. Timebomb
14. Lovemachine
15. I'm Rebel
16. Faceless World
17. The Key (Bonus Track)

Live From Russia

Album: ''Live From Russia'' (2001 Live album)
1. Holy
2. Raiders Of Beyond
3. Midnight Mover
4. Independence Day
5. Metal Eater
6. Protectors Of Terror
7. Animal House
8. Turn Me On
9. Drum Solo
10. T.V. War
11. No Limits
12. Run If You Can
13. Winter Dreams
14. In The Darkness

Man and Machine

Album: ''Man and Machine'' (2002)
1. Man And Machine
2. Private Eye
3. Animal Instinct
4. Dawn Of The Gods, The
5. Dancing With An Angel - (featuring Doro Pesch)
6. Silent Cry
7. Network Nightmare
8. Hard To Be Honest
9. Like A Lion
10. Black Heart
11. Unknown Traveller

Album: ''Dancing With an Angel'' (2002 Single)
1. Dancing With an Angel (featuring Doro Pesch)
2. Silent Cry

Nailed To Metal - The Complete History

Album: ''Nailed To Metal - The Complete History'' (2003 DVD)
1. Holy
2. Raiders Of Beyond
3. Midnight Mover
4. Independence Day
5. Metal Eater
6. Winter Dreams
7. Shout It Out
8. Cut Me Out
9. I´m A Rebel
10. They Want War
11. Break The Rules
12. Heart Of Gold – Video Clip
13. Heart Of Gold – Making Off
14. Heart Of Gold – Hitstudio 1989
15. Timebomb – Electronic Presskit
16. Independence Day
17. Still (Together With ARIA)
18. Go Back To Hell – Live Bochum 1998
19. Drumsolo – Russia 2001
20. X-T-C (taken from the album “A Tribute To Accept”)
21. The Key (Bonus Track of the album “No Limits” released in Japan Only
22. Mad Dogs And Loaded Guns (Demo Version for the album “Solid”)
23. Warchild (Demo Version for the album “Solid”)
24. Rated X (Demo Version for the album “No Limits”)
25. Tough Luck (Demo Version for the album “No Limits”)
26. Recall The Sin (Demo Version for the album “Holy”)

Nailed To Metal - The Missing Tracks

Album: ''Nailed To Metal - The Missing Tracks'' (2003 Live album)
1. Holy
2. Raiders Of Beyond
3. Metal Heart
4. X T C
5. Drum Solo
6. Fast As A Shark
7. Princess Of The Dawn
8. Restless And Wild
9. Thunder In The Tower
10. Hard Attack
11. Balls To The Wall


Album: ''Thunderball'' (2004)
1. Thunderball
2. The Arbiter
3. Pull The Trigger
4. Fistful Of Anger
5. The Land Of Midnight Sun
6. Hell Bites Back
7. Trainride In Russia
8. The Bullet And The Bomb
9. The Magic Mirror
10. Tough Luck II
11. Blind Eyes


Album: ''Thundervision'' (2004 DVD)
1. Thunderball
2. The Arbiter
3. Trainride in Russia
4. Dancing with an Angel
5. Making of "Thundervision"
6. Exclusive UDO interview with Andreas Schöwe (Metal Hammer)
7. Multimedia section (including photo gallery and album preview)
8. *Thunderball
9. *The Arbiter
10. *Free or Rebellion
11. *Run!

Mission No. X

Album: ''Mission No. X'' (2005)
1. The Embarkation
2. Mission No. X
3. 24/7
4. Mean Streets
5. Primecrime On Primetime
6. Eye Of The Eagle
7. Shell Shock Fever
8. Stone Hard
9. Breaking Down The Borders
10. Cry Soldier Cry
11. Way Of Life
12. Mad For Crazy


Album: ''24/7'' (2005 EP)
1. 24/7
2. Mean Streets (Edit Version)
3. Number For A Number
4. Scream Killers
5. Hardcore Lover


Album: ''Mastercutor'' (2007)
1. Mastercutor
2. The Wrong Side of Midnight
3. The Instigator
4. One Lone Voice
5. We Do - For You
6. Walker of the Dark
7. Master of Disaster
8. Tears of a Clown
9. Vendetta
10. The Devil Walks Alone
11. Dead Man's Eyes
12. Crash Bang Crash

The Wrong Side of Midnight

Album: ''The Wrong Side of Midnight'' (2007 EP)
1. The Wrong Side of Midnight (Single Version)
2. The Wrong Side of Midnight (Album Version)
3. Streets of Sin
4. Man a King Ruler
5. Cry Soldier Cry (Russian Version)



U.D.O. is a German heavy metal band founded by lead singer Udo Dirkschneider in 1987. Closely tied to the name U.D.O. is Accept, founded by Udo Dirkschneider and Michael Wagener (later to become a top producer) in Solingen, which was the predecessor of U.D.O.

After the breaking up of Accept in 1987, a large fan community followed Udo Dirkschneider and Stefan Kaufmann to U.D.O.

Starting with the first albums Animal House in 1988 and Mean Machine in 1989 U.D.O. proved to be pure heavy metal without any Trend-Sound influences. Both albums continued where Accept had left of in 1986 with Russian Roulette. Animal House was played in by Peter Szigeti (guitars), Frank Rittel from Warlock (bass), Mathias Dieth from Sinner (guitars),Thomas Franke (drums) and of course Udo Dirkschneider (vocals)

When Mean Machine was released in 1989 U.D.O. had a totally different look. From the line-up which had played on Animal House, remained besides Udo only Mathias Dieth (guitar). New were Andy Susemihl (guitar), Thomas Smuszynski (bass) and Stefan Schwarzmann (drums).

Even though the unwritten U.D.O. law No-Keyboards was broken, U.D.O. achieved an amazing success, with the album Faceless World, produced by ex-Accept drummer Stefan Kaufmann.

At first disputed, it turned out to be, with Udo Dirkschneider (vocals), Mathias Dieth (guitar), Wolla Boehm (guitar), Thomas Smuszynski (bass) and Stefan Schwarzmann (drums), U.D.O.'s most sold album so far.

Heavy Metal

Germany (Wuppertal/Nordrhein-Westfalen), formed in 1987

AFM Records


Udo Dirkschneider - Vocals (Accept, The Alex Parche Project, guest for AnJ, Aria (Rus))
Igor Gianola - Guitar (Wild Willy's Gang)
Stefan Kaufmann -Guitar (Accept)
Fitty Wienhold - Bass (Bullet (Ger))
Francesco Jovino - Drums

Peter Szigeti (1987-1988) (Coracko, Warlock (Ger), Stonewashed, Velvet Viper, Energy)
Mathias Dieth (1987-1991) (Sinner (Ger), Gravestone (Ger), Ape)
Andy Susemihl (1988-1989) (Sinner (Ger), Ape)
Wolfgang "Wolla" Böhm (1990) (Stormwind (Ger), Darxon, Universe (Ger), Beast (Ger))
Frank Fricke (1991) (Living Death, Mekong Delta, X-Mas Project)
Jürgen Graf (1997-1998) (Bullet (Ger))

Frank Rittel (1987-1988) (Beast (Ger), Coracko, Warlock (Ger), Energy)
Thomas Smuszynski (1988-1991) (Running Wild, Darxon, Axel Rudi Pell)
Marcus Bielenberg (2004, live only) (Mordor (Ger), Vanize, Majesty (Ger), Razorback, Danton)

Thomas Franke (1987-1988) (Warrant, Beast (Ger), Stallion)
Stefan Schwarzmann (1988-1991, 1997-1998) (Krokus, Helloween, Paradox (Ger), Running Wild, Accept, Voice, Cronos Titan, X-Wild)
Lorenzo Milani (1999-2004)


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