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The Last Pendragon

Album: ''The Last Pendragon'' (1995 Demo)
1. Beltane
2. Merlin
3. Tuatha de Danann
4. The Last Pendragon

Tuatha de Danann

Album: ''Tuatha de Danann'' (1999 Demo)
1. Us
2. Tuatha de Danann
3. Beltane
4. The Bards of the Infinity
5. Queen of the Witches
6. Faeryage
7. Oisin
8. Imrahma


Album: ''Tingaralatingadun'' (2001)
1. The Dance Of The Little Ones
2. Battle Song
3. Behold The Horned King
4. Tan Pinga Ra Tan
5. Finganforn
6. Vercingetorix
7. Celtia
8. Some Tunes To Fly
9. Tingaralatinga Dum - The Dwarves Rebellion
10. MacDara

The Delirium Has Just Began...

Album: ''The Delirium Has Just Began...'' (2002)
1. Brazuzan - Taller Than A Hill
2. The Last Pendragon
3. Abracadabra
4. The Last Words
5. The Wanderings Of Oisin
6. The Delirium Has Just Began...

Trova di Danú

Album: ''Trova di Danú'' (2004)
1. Bella Natura
2. Lover Of The Queen
3. Land of Youth
4. The Danann’s Voice
5. The Land’s Revenge
6. Spellboundance
7. Believe, It's True!
8. The Arrival
9. Oghma’s Rheel
10. Trova Di Danú
11. The Wheel

tuatha de danann


Tuatha de Danann is a Brazilian band and comes from the city of Varginha, state of Minas Gerais, important historical region because of the fight against the Imperial domination for Brazil's independence. The band's first name was Pendragon, and they began their activities 1995 intending to do a different kind of music, with no comparison in the scene, mixing Heavy Metal with the Celtic and medieval music. Their first demo tape was released in 1996, named "The Last Pendragon", and this work got very good reviews in the specialized media, mainly because of the unique sonority. Afterwards they changed the band name to Tuatha de Danann, which was perfect to represent their thematic proposal. The name comes from the Celtic mythology; it means "People of the Goddess Danu". The Tuatha de Danann were one of the mythical races that settled in Ireland before the arrival of the Milesians, the ancestors of modern Gaels. The Dananns were descendants of the goddess Danu. The Tuatha De Dananns were a race of deities as well as race of heroes. They were skilled in art and science, poetry and magic.

In the year of 1998 Tuatha de Danann recorded the second demo "Faeryage", totally dived into the magic and beauty of the Celtic music, including instruments like flutes, violins, viols and mandolins, but supported by a heavy sound. "Faeryage" impressed everybody, pleasing the audiences and the specialized media. As a result the band signed their first contract with the record label "Heavy Metal Rock".

By the end of 1999, was released the EP "Tuatha de Danann" with four new songs plus "Faeryage" as bonus track. This material kept the same characteristic with the magic beauty of the Celtic and medieval music mixed to the Metal style, with melodic and guttural vocals side by side, added to the sound of flutes and a lot of delirium. This EP brought a great recognition to Tuatha de Danann in the whole country. Finally, 2001, in October, the 'debut' CD comes out. Entitled "TingaralatingaDun", this album is an invitation to the total delirium in the land of the magic, where all the elements of the nature walk hand in hand.

Presenting ten previously un-released songs, recorded with a great production job, "TingaralatingaDun" is plenty of sounds of flutes, mandolins, violins, and guiding wonderful trips to the Celtic world, also referred as subject in the lyrics. The album conquered more fans and again the specialized media. The popularity arrived, and so the invitation for presentations in several festival and venues around the whole country, placing Tuatha de Danann in a prominence position. The CD was licensed for France, Russia, and other countries, and tends a great acceptance of the European public. In the same period the band took part in one of the most important projects of the Brazilian Metallic scene, the thematic album "William Shakespeares Hamlet", recording the song "The Last Words". Once again Tuatha de Danann could show their essence in a singular way.

The year 2002 is marked by the release of the EP "The Delirium Has Just Began" a kind of experimental work that was also released in France, obtaining an excellent acceptance with the public and the media.

In 2004 the label record Paradoxx Music released their new work, the album "Trova di Danú". Tuatha de Danann remained based in their strong influences of Celtic and folk music, what forged their personalized style, with the combination of Rock-Heavy Metal. Once more, with the use of instruments not commonly played in Rock songs, as violins, viols, flutes, bagpipes, harmonicas, they made a trip through the world of pure feeling and magic music. Free from any kind of labels, they are just Tuatha de Danann, from Varginha-MG-Brasil.

Celtic/Folk Metal

Celtic folklore

Brazil (Varginha, MG), formed in 1995

Louder Music


Bruno Maia - Vocals, Guitars, Flute, Whistles
Rodrigo Berne - Guitars, Harsh Vocals
Giovani Mendonça - Bass, Harsh Vocals
Rodrigo Abreu - Drums
Edgard Britto - Keyboards

Marcos - Vocals
Wilson - Drums
Felipe Batiston - Keyboards
Rafael Costa - Keyboards
Leonardo Godtsfriedt - Violin, Keyboards


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