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Album: ''0'' (2004)
1. Journey
2. Vs. Vampire
3. San Miguel
4. ---
5. The Return
6. U-Boot
7. Dust Like Sand
8. Ether
9. Serenity
10. -----

transmission 0


Incorporating heavy music with a soundscape influenced edge, transmission0 came out of the ashes of dutch hardcore band Reveal. With the break up of this band in 2001 guitarist Mischa van Rodijnen and bassplayer Dave van Beek decided it was time for a new chapter in their musical career. Being both big metalfans, but also fans of bands like Sonic youth and the Cure, they decided to try and link up these 2 styles of music in their songs. At the end of the summer of 2003 enough songs were written to record an album and so they asked Michiel van der Avoird to join them on keyboard and samplers. In August, September and October 2003 the three recorded their debut ‘0’. Once this album was recorded transmission0 started to look for a drummer and a second guitarplayer. Eventually they were found in Bart Waalen, who also played drums for sk;rl, and Leon de Groot, who was left bandless after the split-up of indierockers the Void. With this line-up transmission0 began playing shows. The band got picked up fairly quickly and had the opportunity to play with some great bands. Then, in the run up to the worldwide release of the cd/lp in the summer of 2004 on Go-Kart records, the band played at the prestigious Furyfest in Lemans, France. After that festival, people started really showing interest in the band. When the cd/lp was released in July, this interest grew even bigger. Interviews were done with magazines like, Terrorizer, RockSound UK, etc. After their appearance at Furyfest the interest for the band grew and they got to play a lot of clubshows and did a European tour of almost a month with Canadian rockers The End (Relapse records) and a couple of months later a tour through the Eastern and Northern parts of Europe together with the Power and the glory (Deathwish inc.) After this last tour the band took a rest from performing and went into the studio to record their second record, called ‘Memory of a dream’. This cd was also released by Go-kart records on November 20th. The first reviews are raving and the band did interviews with all major metal magazines in Europe, like Metal Hammer Germany, Aardschok (90/100 points), Rock sound France (7/8 points), RockTribune (83/100 points) and Terrorizer (8/10 points), to name but a few. All these magazines agree on one thing: transmission0 has something new to bring and can be a big promise for the future.


Netherlands (Tilburg), formed in 2001

Go Kart Records


Mischa van Rodijnen - Vocals, guitars (& drums on '0') (Engine of Doom)
Michiel van der Avoird - Vocals, keyboards (Engine of Doom)
Leon de Groot - Guitar (Engine of Doom)
Dave van Beek - Bass, album art (Engine of Doom)
Chris Stadhouder - Drums

Bart Waalen - Drums (Engine of Doom)


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