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Weltmacht Oder Niedergang

Album: ''Weltmacht Oder Niedergang'' (2000)
1. Totenburg
2. Kalter Stahl
3. Dunkelheit (Burzum cover)
4. Rabenflug
5. Des Wotans Zorn
6. Schwarzer Geist
7. Krieg Kunst
8. Als die Alten Jung Noch Waren
9. Die Pest Kam Gen Norden
10. Werwolf (Absurd cover)
11. Sturm Des Krieges

Schlachten der Ehre / Mit uns das Blut

Album: ''Schlachten der Ehre / Mit uns das Blut'' (2003 Split)
1. Intro
2. Dunkler Wunsch
3. Wilde Jagt
4. Schlacht der Ehre
5. Ritual
6. Wiedergeburt
7. Outro
8. Auf in den kampf (Einklang)
9. Mit uns das Blut
10. Heiliges Reich
11. Schwarzer Tod
12. Kreuzzug gen Norden
13. Totes Fleisch
14. Wir siegen will muss kämpfen
15. Als die Alten jung noch waren (Nachspielversion)
16. Vater
17. Tag der Erwachen (Ausklang)


Album: ''Pestpogrom'' (2004)
1. Einklang
2. Pestpogrom
3. Reinheit des Blutes
4. Feuer, Krieg und totale Vernichtung
5. Stolzes Herz
6. Totenburg (Part III)
7. Krieger Germaniens
8. Geschmiedeter Stahl
9. Die letzte Schlacht
10. Dämonen des Wahnsinns
11. Ausklang

Mit uns das Blut

Album: ''Mit uns das Blut'' (2005)
1. Auf in den Kampf
2. Mit uns das Blut
3. Heiliges Reich
4. Schwarzer Tod
5. Kreuzzug gen Norden
6. Totes Fleisch
7. Wer siegen will muss kämpfen
8. Als die Alten jung noch waren
9. Vater
10. Tag des Erwachens

Art und Kampf

Album: ''Art und Kampf'' (2005 EP)
1. Saga
2. Art und Kampf
3. Hünengrab
4. Donar
5. Stahl blitzt kalt (Absurd Cover)



Totenburg was formed in 1998 under the name "Peststurm" by Herr Rabensang(drums),Ragnare(guitars and vox) and Sköll (bass). After realeasing a demo called "Peststurm" they renamed to "Totenburg". They released two further Longplayers: "Weltmacht oder Niedergang" and "Winterschlacht" (without Sköll). After that, the whole Line-up changed and they re-recorded the first two LP's. The nowadays singer is "Asemit" who's a member of Blood and Honour Germany and a leader of the "Withe Youth" movement and also singer at "Eugenik". Bass and guitars changed too. Than they released two Splits and '04 followed their masterpiece "Pestpogrom". In 2005 they changed their style to a little bit more pagan-styled BM and recorded the "Art und Kampf" Ep. Nowadays Totenburg came back to their old raw BM and did a split with "Menneskerhat" from Austria (Herr Rabensang is a member of Menneskerhat) Totenburg members are involved in serveral Projects such as "Epithalium","Absurd" and "Tyskland". For a very short period "Kanwulf" of "Nargaroth" was a member of "Totenburg" and Tino Mothes from "Moonblood"/"Nachtfalke" as well.

NS Black Metal

Aryanism, Paganism, War

Germany (Thuringia), formed in 1998

Nebelfee Klangwerke


Asemit - Vocals (Eugenik, Epithalium)
Hagal - Guitar
Deimos - Bass (Tyskland)
Herr Rabensang - Drums (Epithalium, Menneskerhat, ex-Antiphrasis, Mendes (Ger))

Ragnare - Vocals, Guitars (Mendes (Ger), session live vocals for Absurd (Ger))
Kanwulf (Rene Wagner) - Guitars (Nargaroth, ex-Judas Iscariot as live member)
Emperor - Guitars/Vocals
Occulta Mors (Tino Mothes) - Guitars (Moonblood, Nachtfalke, ex-Nargaroth,ex -Andras, Ravenclaw (Ger), ex-Demoniac (Ger))
Tormentor - Guitars (Antiphrasis, Die Saat, ex-Absurd (Ger))
Sköll - Bass
Eofperaz - Guitar (ex-Die Saat)


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