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Book Of Dreams

Album: ''Book Of Dreams'' (1997)
1. Arrival
2. Late
3. Tell me
4. All of that ...
5. Stain
6. Just a Feeling
7. I´m not sure
8. Dumb
9. Don´t ask
10. Strach


Album: ''Unseen'' (1999)
1. Dusktale
2. The Chosen
3. Unseen
4. The Eternal
5. Out Of Today
6. In The Desert
7. Hymn Of Twillight
8. Acceptance
9. Ending Of Slavery
10. Stain
11. Nightmare
12. Outro


The band TORTHARRY was formed in August 1991. It´s drummer M."Juan" Jirman and bass guitarrist Martin Vacek had already met in the band Imago in the year 1984 (they were 13 years old). During the autumn of 1988 came the guitarrist Jarda Rubeš. Later the band appeared on the stages as Executor, but the death metal period did not begin untill the name of TORTHARRY was accepted.
In September 1991 the first TORTHARRY demo tape "Mezi nebem a peklem" ("Between Heaven And Hell") was recorded. In January 1992 the 17 year old guitarist Daniel Pavlík joined the line up of the band and TORTHARRY was this made complete. Another demo tapes have been recorded - "Flames Of Eternity" in 1992 and a very successful demo "Incriminated" in 1993. Today´s exclusive TORTHARRY lyric writer Štefan Ležovič had already participated on this material. At this time the first videoclip "Dirty Mind" was being made in cooperation with Petr Janda (legendary Czech rock guitar player). This clip was shown in a TV show "Rockmapa". In the half of 1994 the first album "When The Memories Are Free" was recorded in the "Past" recording studio. The vocals on this album are for the first time performed not only by bass guitarist Martin but also by guitarist Dan. The recording of the album is followed by a line of live shows that has been prolonged up to these days without any longer break. Since 1993 the new manager L.Gorgán, known as "Goro", has taken care of these activities. Beginning with the same year TORTHARRY started to collect experiences in foreign countries like Poland, Germany or Austria.
In the year 1996 the band got to know the recording studio "Hacienda" owned by Miloš "Dodo" Doležal (one of the best guitarists in Czechia who studied playing the guitar in LA cooperating with Z.Wilde and G.M.Dude) for the first time. TORTHARRY recorded here one track for the compilation "10 Years after ...A Tribute To Cliff Burton". Many excelent Czech metal bands were invited to také part on this project, still the TORTHARRY´s track belongs to the best ones.
In the year 1997 TORTHARRY recorded the second album "Book Of Dreams" in the "Hacienda" studio. The quality of sound helps this record to reach much higher level than the previous ones. This CD was coproduced with Taga Records editorial company and in May 1997 was made the band´s second video "Stain". However, Taga Records completely failed in preparing a distribution network and TORTHARRY was left back on it´s own resources of sale. Thanks to the great number of live shows the record found a good response. After appearing on the stages in Switzerland and Portugal (here the band took part on very prestige fest in Penafiel together with bands like Skyclad, Reign, Gomorrah, End Of Green, The Blood Divine etc.) the band made appearances in Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia. TORTHARRY had also made two very interesting and successful mini tours to Lithuania and Latvia.
Material taken from the second album was used on the compilation "Creations From A Morbid Society - Part II" for the closing down Taga Records, another compilations were made in Greece, France, Sweden, USA, Holland, Belgium and Portugal (here TORTHARRY occupied top position on the Lisboa rock chart for a long time).
In the year 1998 the band´s tapes came out in Mexico and untill the end of 1998 the same should be true in Lithuania and Latvia.
TORTHARRY appears on almost every important fest in Czech Republic-for example the "Dynamo North Power Jam" where the band played this year as well as the previous one. TORTHARRY played together with many well known bands, including two shows with the brilliant DEATH. The second of these two was organized by TORTHARRY management. TORTHARRY played several times with BENEDICTION and SINISTER, and it also played with bands like VADER, ATROCITY, CLAWFINGER, WITHIN TEMPTATION, GOMORRAH, FLESHCRAWL, KRISIUN, DISBELIEF, NIGHT IN GALES, DARKSIDE, DEW-SCENTED, DEVILYN, CRACK UP, SKYCLAD, GENOCIDE, YATTERING, RUINATION, SKULL CRUSHER and many others.
In February 1999 was recorded the third CD called "Unseen". The band recorded in "Hacienda" studio again and the producer of this album was Miloš Dodo Doležal. The CD was out in July 1999 through a new label called CBR RECORDS. The CD has met with a lively response not only in the Czech media but even abroad.The band is going to give a lot of concerts to promote its new CD.The Tortharry is accompanied on its own PA system on a bus which makes a great contribution to the sound effects of the concerts and to good show for the audience.
With the help of CBR Records and NSM represented by Wolfgang Sussenbeck and good contacts in the USA Tortharry manages to make a sampler "Tribute to Death"which is released by Dwell Records company in the USA in 1999. Tortharry records the composition "Pull the Plug" from the "Leprosy" album on that sampler and get new valuable experience on the market in the USA.

Death Metal

Czech Republic (Hronov), formed in 1991

CBR Records


Martin Vacek - vocals and bass
Jarda Rube - guitar
Dan Pavlík - guitar
Miloslav ``Juan`` Jirman -drums

Karel Stehlík - guitar


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