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Album: ''TNT'' (1982)
1. Harley Davidson
2. USA
3. Bakgårdsrotter
4. Etyde i Fuzz-mål
5. Eddie
6. Showet Er I Gang
7. Pirrende Irene
8. Mafia
9. Eventyr
10. Varmt & Hardt

Knights Of The New Thunder

Album: ''Knights Of The New Thunder'' (1984)
1. Seven Seas
2. Ready To Leave
3. Klassisk Romance
4. Last Summers Evil
5. Without Your Love
6. Tor With The Hammer
7. Break The Ice
8. U.S.A.
9. Deadly Metal
10. Knights Of The Thunder
11. Eddie

Tell No Tales

Album: ''Tell No Tales'' (1987)
1. Everyone's A Star
2. 10,000 Lovers (In One)
3. As Far As The Eye Can See
4. Sapphire
5. Child's Play
6. Smooth Syncopation
7. Listen To Your Heart
8. Desperate Night
9. Northern Ligths
10. Incipits
11. Tell No Tales

10,000 Lovers (In One)

Album: ''10,000 Lovers (In One)'' (1987 Single)
1. 10,000 Lovers (In One)
2. Desperate Night


Album: ''Intuition'' (1989)
1. A Nation Free
2. Caught Between The Tigers
3. Tonight I'm Falling
4. End Of The Line
5. Intuition
6. Forever Shine On
7. Learn To Live
8. Ordinary Lover
9. Take Me Down (Fallen Angel)
10. Wisdom

Forever Shine On

Album: ''Forever Shine On'' (1991 Video/VHS)
1. As Far As Eye Can See
2. Caught Between The Tigers
3. Tonight I'm Falling
4. End Of The Line
5. Ronni Le Tekro guitar solo
6. Intuition
7. 10,000 Lovers (In One)
8. Take Me Down (Fallen Angel)
9. Everyone's A Star

Realized Fantasies

Album: ''Realized Fantasies'' (1992)
1. Downhill Racer
2. Hard To Say Goodbye
3. Mother Warned Me
4. Lionheart
5. Rain
6. Purple Mountain's Majesty
7. Rock'n'Roll Away
8. Easy Street
9. All You Need
10. Indian Summer

Three Nights in Tokyo

Album: ''Three Nights in Tokyo'' (1992 Live album)
1. Purple Mountain's Majesty
2. Hard To Say Goodbye
3. Downhill Racer
4. As Far As The Eye Can See
5. 10.000 Lovers (In One)
6. Guitar Solo
7. Indian Summer
8. Lionheart
9. Seven Seas
10. Mother Warned Me
11. Everyone's A Star

Till the Next Time

Album: ''Till the Next Time'' (1996 Best of/Compilation)
1. 10.000 Lovers (In One)
2. Intuition
3. As Far As The Eye Can See
4. Tonight I'm Falling
5. Everyone's a Star
6. Take Me Down (Fallen Angel)
7. Seven Seas
8. Tell no Tales
9. Forever Shine On
10. Break the Ice
11. Listen to your Heart
12. Last Summers Evil
13. Caught Beetwen the Tigers
14. Knights of the New Thunder
15. Sapphire
16. End of the Line
17. Electric Dancer
18. Tonight I'm Falling (Live)
19. Take Me Down (Fallen Angel) (Live)


Album: ''Firefly'' (1997)
1. Firefly
2. Angels Ride
3. Tripping
4. Daisy Jane
5. Somebody Told You
6. Month Of Sundays
7. Only The Thief (whistles at night)
8. Heaven's Gone
9. Moonflower
10. Sunless Star
11. Cool It
12. Soldier Of The Light

Firefly and Live

Album: ''Firefly and Live'' (1997 Live album)
1. Firefly
2. Somebody Told You
3. Tripping Daisy
4. Jane
5. Month of Sundays
6. Sunless Star
7. Soldier of the Light
8. Moonflower
9. Purple Mountain Majesty
10. As Far As the Eye Can See
11. 10.000 Lovers (In One)
12. Guitar Solo
13. Seven Seas

The Big Bang - The Essential Collection

Album: ''The Big Bang - The Essential Collection'' (2003 Best of/Compilation)
1. Harley-Davidson (U.K. Version)
2. Eddie (U.S. Version)
3. 10,000 Lovers
4. Intuition
5. As Far As The Eye Can See
6. Tonight I'm Falling
7. Everyone's A Star
8. Take Me Down (Fallen Angel)
9. Seven Seas
10. Downhill Racer
11. Forever Shine On
12. Break The Ice (U.S. Version)
13. Listen To Your Heart
14. Last Summers Evil
15. Caught Between The Tigers
16. Knights Of The New Thunder
17. Sapphire
18. End Of The Line
19. Hey Love (Brand New)
20. Satellite (Brand New)
21. Destiny (Previously Unreleased)

Give Me A Sign

Album: ''Give Me A Sign'' (2003 EP)
1. Live Today
2. Give Me A Sign
3. Satellite
4. Hey Love
5. Destiny (Demo)

My religion

Album: ''My religion'' (2004)
1. Invisible Noise
2. She Needs Me
3. Give Me A Sign
4. My Religion
5. Lonely Nights
6. Flow (instrumental)
7. Perfectly
8. Satellite
9. You'll Be There
10. Everybody's Got A Secret
11. Hey Love
12. Everything U R
13. Live Today
14. Song 4 Dianne
15. The Last Word (instrumental)

All the Way to the Sun

Album: ''All the Way to the Sun'' (2005)
1. Too Late
2. A Fix
3. Driving
4. Me and I
5. Sometimes
6. All The Way to the Sun
7. What a Wonderful World
8. The Letter
9. Mastic Pines
10. Black Butterfly
11. Save Your Love
12. Ready to Fly
13. Get What You Give (Bonus Track)

Live In Madrid

Album: ''Live In Madrid'' (2006 Live album)
1. Invisible Noise
2. As Far As The Eye Can See
3. Downhill Racer
4. A Fix
5. She Needs Me
6. Give Me A Sign
7. Guitar Solo
8. Caught Between The Tigers
9. Listen To Your Heart
10. Black Butterfly
11. Seven Seas
12. Forever Shine On
13. Fantasia Española
14. My Religion
15. 10.000 Lovers (In One)
16. Intuition

The New Territory

Album: ''The New Territory'' (2007)
1. A Constitution
2. Substitute
3. Are You Blind?
4. Golden Opportunity
5. Something Special
6. Now We're Talkin'
7. Wild Life
8. Fountain of Love
9. June
10. Can't Go On Without
11. 2 Seconds Away
12. Milestone River
13. Let's Party Mills



1)Grindcore band from Kranj, Slovenia.

2)RockWas formed in Trondheim; Norway in 1982, by vocalist and rhythm guitarist Dag Ingebrigtsen, guitarist Ronni Lé Tekrø, bassist Steinar Eikum and drummer Morten "Diesel" Dahl. They released their self-titled debut album the same year — their only album that features Norwegian lyrics — and got a hit with the single "Harley Davidson". In August 1983 Morty Black replaced Steinar Eikum on bass, and the following year American vocalist Tony Harnell became TNT's new frontman, making his debut on their album Knights of the New Thunder with the temporary stage name Tony Hansen. That line-up recorded one more album, Tell No Tales in 1987, before "Diesel" Dahl decided to quit one year later, after some turbulent times within the band. Tell No Tales - as co-written by Dahl - produced TNT's biggest hit, the single "10,000 Lovers (In One)".

Kenneth Odiin became TNT's new drummer, but recorded only one album with the band, Intuition in 1989, before he left. His replacement was John Macaluso, who played on the albums "Realized Fantasies" and "Three Nights in Tokyo" (both released in 1992). The same year they decided to take a break, choosing to focus on various solo projects. In 1996 the compilation "Till Next Time" was released, and Harnell, Lé Tekrø and Black reformed TNT with drummer Frode Hansen. That line-up recorded two albums, Firefly in 1997 and Transistor in 1999.

In 2000 "Diesel" Dahl came back to TNT, 12 years after he left. The band started working on their new album "My Religion", which was released in 2004. Months after the album release, Morty Black decided to quit, and Sid Ringsby took his place for the following concerts.

TNT's new studio album, All The Way To The Sun was released in the fall of 2005. A single, "Sometimes" was released on July 25th, but was only available in Norway. The same year Victor Borge replaced Sid Ringsby as their live bassist.

Tony Harnell left the band in April 2006 for both personal and professional reasons, although he is collaborating with iMagic Films and producer Darren Paltrowitz on a live DVD featuring his performance with the band in Madrid, Spain from April 1, 2006. The DVD is intended to be released in Japan in August 2006 and elsewhere in the world in September 2006.

TNT are still alive and kickin' - and are proud to introduce the new man behind the mic: Singer Tony Mills from Birmingham, England. Tony is one of Europe's most respected hard rock singers, mostly known for his work with UK Melodic Rock act Shy and his solo artiste releases of recent years. Tony has worked along side such names as Cinderella, Dokken, Cozy Powell, Meatloaf, The Sweet and many more and will add a new and exciting dimension to TNT as the band enter a new era. It is an unbelievable coincidence that Mills' band Shy were already booked to support TNT at the Polar Festival on June 30 in Storsteinnes, Norway before Harnell's departure. This concert for TNT will be fronted by the ex-vocalist Tony Harnell as a farewell show for him.

There's also a brazillian rock band called TNT.

There is also a Romanian pop/dance band called TNT.

There is also a hardstyle producer TNT (technoboy)

Traditional Metal/Hard Rock

Love, Social Themes, Rock `n´ Roll

Norway (Trondheim), formed in 1982

Spitfire Records


Tony Mills - Vocals (Shy, Cinderella, Dokken, Siam)
Ronni Le Tekrö - Guitars (ex-The Cumshots, Wild Willy's Gang, Vagabond (Nor),Roquefire,Vendette)
Morten "Diesel" Dahl - Drums

Tony Harnell (Starbreaker)
Dag "D.D. Dynamite" Ingebrigtsen (1982-1984) (Kids, Subway Suck, Grønne Glitrende 3)

Sid Ringsby (2004-2005) (ex-Jørn, Wild Willy's Gang)
Morty "Black" Skaget (1983-2004) (Jørn, Vagabond (Nor))
Steiner Eikum (1982-1983)

Kenneth Odiin (1987-1989)
John Macaluso (1992-1992) (Starbreaker, ex-Mullmuzzler, MCM, ex-Riot, ex-Holy Mother, Masterlast, Powermad, ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Ark, Chris Caffery, John Macaluso & Union Radio)
Frode Hansen (1996-1998)

Dag Stokke (1996)


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