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The Rune of Victory

Album: ''The Rune of Victory'' (2003 Demo)
1. The Battlelore
2. Prelúdio Heróico
3. Wicth Eyes Ablaze
4. As the Howl of the Wolves

Southern Pagan Resistance

Album: ''Southern Pagan Resistance'' (2003 Split)
1. The Battlelore
2. Prelúdio Heróico
3. Witch Eyes Ablaze
4. As the Howl of the Wolves
5. Intro - Echoes of Victory
6. Pagan Warriors
7. The Evil Thorn
8. Wintershadow

T-Stamped Spear

Album: ''T-Stamped Spear'' (2005)
1. Falling Christendom
2. The Rune of Victory
3. Drus-Wid
4. The Hammer of the Braves
5. Invoking Tyr Twice
6. Through the Raven Sight
7. Samhain
8. Southern Great River
9. What has Happened with the Ancient Gods...
10. Praise the Steel



The Tiwaz horde began in February, 2002, e.v., formed by Eikonoklastes, Devilish and Lordgrimm. The main idea of the band is to defend the pride and honor of the ancestral inheritance, to raise the true spirit, strength and bravery of free men and our pagan beliefs.

Amidst great battles, when the anger of the winds blew and the howl of the wolves was heard from the southern forests, the clan of the warriors had completed itself with the joining of the drummer Abyssius. By a strong and unbreakable union, now they are able to ride their thunderous black horses through the times.

Tiwaz, ideologically identified as Pagan Metal, tries to rescue the honor of the warriors tradition and the old pagan folk through triumphant hymns of pride and courage. All the aggressiveness and the strong values are transmitted in their hymns, an elegiacal poetry to great ancestor warriors. The barbarism, paganism, mythology, belligerence, mysticism, pride, honor, as well as the anti-christianism are part of the lyrical concept.

In November 2002 was released the first official album titled "The Rune of Victory" comprised of 4 pagan hymns: "The Battlelore", "Preldio Herico", "Witch Eyes Ablaze" and "As the Howl of the Wolves". It can convey a good idea of the musical style unmercifully followed by the horde, showing all the angry and fury of those pagan warriors.

This independent CD was released in the beginning of 2003 e.v., in split-CD format, titled "Southern Pagan Resistance", with the other southern horde Thorns of Evil (Pagan Black Metal), featuring 8 songs (approximately 41 min). Due to the good impression of this work, few weeks after the release, the Tiwaz horde signed with the Brazilian label Somber Music. The label Somber Music re-released officially the "The Rune of Victory" album as MCD (2004) and plan to release a new album soon. The "The Rune of Victory" was also released by Total War Recs & Sephiroth DP. as a demo tape format (2003).
In February, 2003, Igniis Inferniis joined the horde, fortifying even more this destructive line-up of pagan warriors. LThe destructive and definitive line-up is:

Devilish - Vocals
Eikonoklastes - Guitars
Igniis Inferniis - Guitars
A. Lordgrimm - Synth
Abyssius - Drums/Backing Vocals

Pagan Black Metal

Paganism, Warfare, Mythology, Antichristianity

Brazil (Garibaldi, RS), formed in 2002

Somber Music


Devilish : Vocals (ex-Great Vast Forest)
Eikonoklastes : Guitars (ex-Great Vast Forest, Dark Celebration)
Igniis Inferniis : Guitars (Thorns of Evil,Mighty)
Aym : Bass (Penitence, ex-Baal Hamon)
Lordgrimm : Synths (ex-Great Vast Forest)
Abyssius : Drums, backing vocals (Thorns of Evil)

Stormbringer : Bass (Thorns of Evil)


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