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Album: ''Blasphemy'' (2005 Demo)
1. Perfect Genetic Blend
2. Furious Chaos
3. Braattsjøers Slag
4. Death Valley Terminus
5. Tyrannical Human Interface

Northern Blasphemy

Album: ''Northern Blasphemy'' (2007)
1. intro
2. Gautatyrs Vrede
3. Tyrannical Human Interface
4. Martyrenes Rike
5. Perfect Genetic Blend
6. Speach by Hedin Varf
7. Dark Vision Arising
8. Death Valley Terminus
9. Show No Mercy
10. Brattsjoers Slag
11. Mjolner Solo
12. Furious Chaos
13. Bleacher Creatures
14. The End



The tale of Thyruz began in the summer of 1999 when Gorm(guitar), Mjølner(battery) and Antikristian(guitar) were rehearsing together a few times. Mortimer(bass)+Hedin Varf(vocal) joined in and so Thyruz saw the light(ha ha).

The band moved into an old house on the east side of the bloody river in Eidsvoll, together with Alsvartr.

They made seven songs and went to studio in the beginning of the new millenium. Did a gig up in Hamar at El Paso, with Eclipse, Vesen, Alsvartr, Maleficient

In May 2001, recorded two new songs theye were more satisfied with. This become band's second demo release.

As time passed by, Antikristian left the band. Thyruz then recruited Angina, who plays the synth, and soon another Fiinbeck concert is true again(starring: Thyruz and Alsvartr) Antikristian will complement the band with a second guitar as songs are written on that basis.

In April 2003, band got the privileges to play at Gamla in Oslo, with Hordes and Drottnar in a vorspiel to Infernofestival. And before they were doing the gig at Gamla, they wanted to make their own introduction theme. So Mjølner, Motimer and Hedin visited Gorm, with bongos, a didgeridoo, keyrings, some kitchen apparels and other percussive stash. Angina added some giggling and laughter like she was torturing some poor fella/bastard.

In the easter holidays, Mjølner recorded the drumming for the new demo with Gorm and his homestudio equipment, before they related this back to Gorms place for recording the guitar, and Mortimers basslines. Hedin found out that Gorms toilet would do perfect for the vocal sessions. In the middle of all this, Ravnsvartr became a part of the picture. Finally the band now had another guitarist again.

Then, finishing the demo took ages, and Angina quit. Now who would play the synth part? We had to ask good ol`Antikristian if he could do it. He could, but it wasn`t til a long time, as he was "just" gona do a little skyjumping. The demo was finito by september 2003. It took a while.

And the show will go on...

Black Metal

Norway (Eidsvoll), formed in 1999



Gorm - Guitars
Ravnsvartr - Guitars (Alsvartr)
Mortimer - Bass
Hedin Varf - Vocals
Mjølner - drums

Antikristian (Kristian Nordahl) - Guitars, synths, vocals (1999-2001, synths on ``Develish Devine``)
Angina - Synths (2001-2002)


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