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Album: ''Thyrfing'' (1998)
1. Raven Eyes
2. Vargavinter
3. Set Sail to Plunder
4. Ur Askan Ett Rike
5. Celebration of Our Victory
6. A Burning Arrow
7. En Döende Mans Förbannelse
8. Hednaland
9. Wotan's Fire
10. Going Berserk

Valdr Galga

Album: ''Valdr Galga'' (1999)
1. Prelude: Heading for The Golden Hall / Storms of Asgard
2. From Wilderness Came Death
3. Askans Rike
4. Valdr Galga
5. The Deceitful
6. Arising
7. Firever
8. A Moment in Valhalla
9. Mimer's Well
10. A Great Man's Return


Album: ''Hednaland'' (1999 Best of/Compilation)
1. Intro
2. Hednaland
3. Vargavinter
4. När Slaget är Vunnet
5. Vi Gingo ut i Strid
6. Färd mot Thrudvang
7. Solen Svartnar, Part I
8. Solen Svartnar, Part II
9. Slaget
10. ...ty Mörkret Skall Falla


Album: ''Urkraft'' (2000)
1. Mjölner
2. Dryckeskväde
3. Sweoland Conqueror
4. Home Again
5. The Breaking of Serenity
6. Eldfärd
7. Ways of a Parasite
8. Jord
9. The Slumber of Yesteryears
10. Till Valfader Urgammal
11. Urkraft


Album: ''Vansinnesvisor'' (2002)
1. Draugs Harg
2. Digerdöden
3. Världsspegeln
4. The Voyager
5. Ångestens Högborg
6. The Giant's Laughter
7. Vansinnesvisan
8. Kaos återkomst


Album: ''Farsotstider'' (2005)
1. Far åt Helvete
2. Jag Spår Fördärv
3. Farsotstider
4. Höst
5. Själavrak
6. Elddagjämning
7. Baldersbålet
8. Tiden Läker Intet



Thyrfing's musical evolution and progression, still with their roots in mind, has given the band a wide amount of fans all over the world. Thyrfing plays their Metal with a northern touch alongside their folk- and symphonic influences, and they are counted among the finest of their genre.

Formed in 1995, after two demo-tapes they were picked up by Hammerheart Records in 1997. Their first self-titled album, produced by Tomas Skogsberg at wellknown Sunlight Studio, was released in March 1998.

In 1999, they released “Valdr Galga”, recorded at Abyss Studio, produced by Tommy Tägtgren.

Thyrfing played at Dynamo Open Air, followed by a three-week tour with Six Feet Under, Vader, Enslaved, Cryptopsy and Nile. For this tour Hammerheart released Thyrfing's two demos on a limited CD called “Hednaland”.

“Urkraft” was released in August 2000. The year also held two mini-tours with Primordial and Shadowbreed through The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

In 2001, “Vansinnesvisor” (Songs of Madness) was recorded at Dug-Out Studios, with Daniel Bergstrand, and released in July 2002.

To support the album, Thyrfing played during the winter two support gigs (for Freedom Call and Dismember) in Stockholm, and did a small headliner tour in Benelux with Cruachan and Shadowbreed.

The year of 2003 followed with further live-promotion such as the Generation Armageddon Festivals (including Ancient Rites, Septic Flesh, Primordial, Blood Red Throne & Skyfire), a 12-day European tour throughout Europe and performances on the main festival-stages of 2000 Decibel in Sweden and Wacken Open Air in Germany.

Farsotstider ("Times of Plague"), was released November 21, 2005.

The band played their first US show in January 2006 with Moonsorrow and Primordial at the Heathen Crusade metalfest in Minnesota.

Jens Rydén, (ex-Naglfar, Profundi, Dead Silent Slumber) replaced vocalist Thomas Väänänen in 2007.

Henrik Svegsjö, guitarist, also left in 2007, leaving the band with one remaining guitarist, Patrik Lindgren.

Other members include:
Kimmy Sjölund: bass
Peter Löf: synthesizers
Joakim Kristensson: drums

Viking Metal

Vikings (old), dark side of life (new)

Sweden (Stockholm), formed in 1995

Regain Records


Jens Rydén - Vocals (Profundi, ex-Naglfar (Swe), Dead Silent Slumber, Ancient Wisdom (session))
Patrik Lindgren - Guitars (Pantheon (Swe))
Joakim "Jocke" Kristensson - Drums (Rutthna, Winds (Swe))
Kimmy Sjolund - Bass (Hatework (Swe))
Peter Lof - Synthesizers

Vintras - Guitars (ex-Funeral Mist (Swe))
Thomas Väänänen - Vocals (Winds (Swe), ex-Wyvern (Swe), Pantheon (Swe))
Henrik Svegsjö - Guitars (ex-Construcdead, Winds (Swe))


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