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Blood Of Your Soul

Album: ''Blood Of Your Soul'' (2000)
1. Infernal
2. Frozen Ground
3. Soulseeker
4. Blood Of Your Soul
5. Empyreal Empress Of War
6. With Power And Might
7. Reborn
8. Raevenrealm

Worshipped by Chaos

Album: ''Worshipped by Chaos'' (2006)
1. On Thorns
2. Feelings Lost
3. Hatred Declared
4. Silent Voice
5. At Autumn's Fall
6. Shattered Senses
7. Symphony of Anguish
8. The Existing Darkness
9. Worshipped by Chaos



THUNDRA was formed as a project between Harald (ex- Enslaved), Stein (ex-Einherjer) and Nils (synth) in 1998. When Harald and Stein left their former bands, THUNDRA recruited Rune (on guitar), Steven (on vocals) and Thor Erik (guitar and vocals) to complete the band.

THUNDRA released the well-reviewed album "Blood of your soul" on Spinefarm records in 2000. In 2003 they left Spinefarm and start working on new songs and a new sound in general. During 2003 they recorded a 3-track demo at their own Black Dimension Studio produced\engineered\mixed and mastered by Stein Sund.

In late 2004, THUNDRA began working on the new album, "Worshipped By Chaos" at Black Dimension Studio. After months with hard work, THUNDRA completed the album in early 2005. Again Stein Sund did the production, this time together with Thor Erik Helgesen.

"Worshipped By Chaos" is a totally different album than the debut. It`s darker, more complex and more extreme album with a killer sound. In late 2005, after some ups and downs, THUNDRA finally inked a deal with Black Lotus Records.

THUNDRA are now without a record label,
since Black Lotus closed went bankrupt.
They are looking for a new record label.

If someone from a record company find this/us interesting, don`t hesitate to get in touch with them at:

Black Viking Metal

Vikings, Nordic themes

Norway (Haugesund), formed in 1998



Harald Magnus "Rivheim" Helgeson - Drums (1997-) (Zeno Morf, ex-Dwelling Souls, ex-Enslaved (Nor), session for Evig Natt)
Stein Sund - Bass (1997-) (Dwelling Souls, Evig Natt, ex-Einherjer, session for Throne of Katarsis)
Nils Johansen - Keyboards (1997-) (Fatal Dream)
Rune Frederiksen - Guitar (1998-) (Pictures of Pain, ex-Numbed, session for Evig Natt)
Steven Grindhaug - Vocals (1998-)
Thor Erik "Grimnisse" Helgesen - Guitars, backing vocals (2000-) (Throne of Katarsis, Zeno Morf, ex-Dwelling Souls, ex-Obscuration (Nor), session for Evig Natt)


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