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Behind The Eight-Ball

Album: ''Behind The Eight-Ball'' (1989)
1. Behind The Eight-Ball
2. Ready To Roll
3. Take It To The Highway
4. (You Don't Keep Me) Satisfied
5. The Fire's Burning
6. Let Go
7. Open All Night
8. Life In The City
9. Just Another Lover
10. Straight Shooter
11. Take Me To The Limit

Busted At The Border

Album: ''Busted At The Border'' (1990)
1. Busted At The Border
2. 42nd Street
3. Good Til The Last Drop
4. The Darker Side Of Yesterday
5. No Security
6. Hard Kind Of Woman
7. Terrified
8. 25 or 6 to 4
9. Face To Face
10. Wicked Love
11. Caught Between The Lines

25 or 6 to 4

Album: ''25 or 6 to 4'' (1990 Single)
1. 25 or 6 to 4
2. Terrified
3. Caught Between The Lines

Crime Pays

Album: ''Crime Pays'' (1991)
1. City Cornered Man
2. Make It Hard
3. N.Y. You Let Me Down
4. Crime Pays
5. Let The Dogs Loose
6. Forgive And Forget You
7. Torture Ride
8. Live With It
9. What Mama Don't Know
10. Life Is Only a Goodbye
11. Ain't No Trust

Killing With Style

Album: ''Killing With Style'' (1993)
1. Young And Useless
2. 8-Bald
3. Overload (More Than A Buck)
4. Just When I Try
5. Movin' On
6. Save Me
7. House Of Swallow
8. Whips And Chains
9. Down In Desperation
10. Hard Times
11. Redline
12. Loosen Up Your Grip

Were You Told The Truth About Hell

Album: ''Were You Told The Truth About Hell'' (1995)
1. Hanging By A Thread
2. Crash Course In Life
3. The Absence Of Angels
4. Snap
5. Thanx
6. Here's To You America
7. Schizophrenic Mind
8. Inside Of The Dark Side
9. Premonition
10. The Show Has Just Begun
11. Zero The Hero (Black Sabbath Cover)


Album: ''Snap'' (1995 Single)
1. Snap
2. The Absence of Angels
3. Zero The Hero (Black Sabbath Cover)



Leadered by the guitarrist and vocalist Ted Bullet, Thunderhead was a Germany Hard Rock band. They started in 1988 with the single Take it To The Highway, and after the full lenght album, Behind the Eight Ball. The band splited up because of the dead of his vocal, Ted Bullet.

1989 - Behind The Eight-Ball
1990 - Busted at the Border
1991 - Crime Pays
1993 - Killing With Style
1994 - Classic Killers Live
1995 - The Ballads '88-'95
1995 - Were You Told The Truth About Hell
1998 - Ugly Side

Traditional Metal

Germany (Hannover/Lower Saxony), formed in 1988



Ted Bullet - vocals (ex-The Alex Parche Project, Son of a Bitch)
Jimi Bell - guitars (Wayne, ex-Jungle Rot, ex-Obsession (US), MVP, BlackPaul)
Mark Franco - bass (Wayne)
B.J.Zampa - drums (Wayne, MVP (guest))

Henny Wolter - guitars (Primal Fear, Sinner (Ger), Talon (Ger), Donnerkopf, Viva, Sweethard)
Ole Hempelmann - bass (Talon (Ger), Donnerkopf, Dreamtide)
Alex Scotti - drums (Donnerkopf)


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