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The End of the Blissful Days

Album: ''The End of the Blissful Days'' (2007 Demo)
1. Twilight (instrumental)
2. Alanor' Endimion (Alanor's Fate)
3. King Soth the Damned
4. Vampire's Cry
5. The Battle of the Awful Night
6. A Prayer for the Emperor
7. Victor Damnatus
8. Last Dusk (instrumental)
9. The End of the Blissful Days, I - Romorian
10. The End of the Blissful Days, II - Abyss



Creating THULNAR has been an adventure for me. I remember I began to think about this project during the summer of 2002, speaking with my friend Elric Blackcrow. Elric said to me that it would have played trumpet in the underground metal band Mors Tua, lead by the (Al)mighty Judge Weir. In that period, I was listening to vary kinds of metal - from symphonic power to black - and wished to be able to compose, a day, something similar; but I still did not own, sincerely, musical skills for that purpose. Therefore, not pulled down at all, I began to ask Elric Blackcrow precious advices - 'cause he was studying at the Conservatory - and from that moment the search of an equilibrium between my different infuences took a lot of time. Moreover, in the september of 2003 I was forced to leave for the military service, interrupting the songwriting, even if in my mind ideas continued developing themselves. Back home after a whole year, in the autumn of 2004, I resumed the job, suddenly realizing I craved a different touch from the composition process... I mean, I always liked the symphonic side of metal (and I adore it even now), but I wanted to merge it with a more aggressive concept. Therefore I imagined classical instruments united with vocal parts sung in screaming and growling, but not like groups as Dimmu Borgir or similar - although I appreciate their musical proposal -. I wanted, instead, orchestra to become the main element, joined to voice in a strange cacophonous melody, with distorted guitars creating a deep sound wall. During november 2004, a demo called THULNAR DEMO has been recorded, and now I've already composed almost all the material for a new project. Sound and production will be much better than before, with more songs. I think it could be ready before the end of 2006, under Darkkrad Records.

Symphonic Black Metal

Italy (Bologna), formed in 2004



Elric Blackcrow - vocals, trumpet (Mors Tua)
Al Walker - guitar, bass, drums, synth


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