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Promo 2003

Album: ''Promo 2003'' (2003 Demo)
1. Bonded to the Blade - Part 1 (Gift From The Gods)
2. Bonded to the Blade - Part 2 (Screams Of Thunder)
3. Where Sword, Axe And Bow Stride Together
4. Grimnor Valora

For Death and Glory

Album: ''For Death and Glory'' (2005)
1. To Kill and be King
2. Gift from the Gods
3. The Hunt for Vengeance
4. Grimnor Valora
5. Dainar's Last Rites
6. For Death & Glory
7. Screams of Thunder
8. Where Sword, Axe and Bow Strike Together
9. The Butcher's Bill



Thronar plays battle metal: a mix of majestic, bombastic and melodic mid-tempo viking metal with heavy metal influence.

The beginning
Otto and Reamon (both guitars and vocals) started a band named Cerberus back in 1998. Their goal was to create music where bravery and bloodshed go hand in hand. In less than a year the whole band was formed and the preparations for the first demo began.
A journey must begin...

In 1999 Cerberus recorded their first demo-CD "A journey must begin" The "Journey demo" got good responses and the number of gigs grew fast.

Their second demo "One Mans Fate" was released in 2001. After the release things went upwards very fast, the demo sold very good and Cerberus performed in clubs all over Holland. Because of their striking live performance (blue warpaint, etc) and number of gigs, Cerberus's fame grew.

In the Year after the release of "One mans fate" Cerberus noticed that they where often confused with other bands that carried the same name. So at 1 September Cerberus changed his name to Thronar.

In April 2005, the first full length album of Thronar was released. The album contains nine unique songs. Four of them are taken from the Promo 2003 and have been rewritten and re-recorded. Together with five new songs, the warriors of Thronar prove that they are ready to begin their battle to conquer the world.they are currently sigen to seven kingdom records(uk).plus the album has just been rereleased

Reamon Bloem: Guitar & Vocals
Otto van Beusekom: Guitar & Vocals
Bouke Braun: Bass
Nathalia Hoogkamer: Synthesizer
Jarno Olinga: Drums

Atmospheric/Folk Black Metal

Ancient Battlelore, History

Netherlands (Arnhem), formed in 1998



Otto v. Beusekom - Guitar, Vocals
Jarno Olinga - Drums
Nathalia Hoogkamer - Keyboards
Bouke Braun - Bass
Kevin Olinga - Guitar (Travelers In Time, Dark Mythology)
Reamon Bloem - Vocals (earlier also guitar) (Heidevolk as Bomenbreker)

Joost Westdijk - Drums (Autumnal Reaper, Heidevolk, Bolthorn)
Elwin Molenaar - Drums (Her Enchantment, Eyepatch, Crucified Corpse)
Nick - Vocals
Donderbaard (Koen) - Vocals (Horigmaal)


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