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Album: ''Pakkasherra'' (1997)
1. Across The Loveless Horizon
2. The Night Belongs To Us
3. Pakkasherra
4. Watcher In The Tower
5. As A Spirit
6. Cosmic Seas
7. End Is Silence
8. Autumn Winds
9. Cold Goddess
10. Winter Romance

Dreams of the Black Earth

Album: ''Dreams of the Black Earth'' (1999)
1. The Withering Goddess (Of Nature)
2. The Weeper
3. The Blackened Rainbow
4. Spring Blooms With Flowers Dead
5. Of Scarlet Skies Made
6. Where Once The Sun Rose
7. Titania
8. Dreams Of The Black Earth

Binding of the Spirit

Album: ''Binding of the Spirit'' (2000)
1. The Last Rainbow Warrior Is Dead
2. The Warprophet Dreams
3. Binding Of The Spirit Onto Earth
4. The Hermit
5. Master's Garden
6. The Wanderer
7. On Broken Wings Of Despair
8. Stardestroyer

Quicksilver Clouds

Album: ''Quicksilver Clouds'' (2004)
1. Vertigo
2. Hollow Reflection
3. Transcendence
4. Black Carbon Snow
5. Quicksilver Clouds
6. Hyperion
7. The Destroying Angel
8. Halo of Flies
9. Ophelia

throes of dawn


Throes of Dawn is a metal band from Finland, formed back in 1994 by Henri Koivula (vocals) and Jani Heinola (synth). Throes of Dawn´s music could be described as emotional dark metal with a progressive touch. Their unique sound is built on the combination of synths and guitars, spiced up with screaming vocals and clean vocals. There is lots of atmosphere and depth in their music, it flows like a soundtrack to a bittersweet end. The lyrical concept of Throes of Dawn is often poetic and it deals with the deeper and darker aspects of the human psyche; like solitude, broken dreams and despair.

After getting the band a full line-up, the first demo tape was made, and the first deal was signed with Woodcut Records in -95. This led to the release of “Pakkasherra” promo tape in –96 and eventually “Pakkasherra” album, which was released in -97.

The second album "Dreams of the Black Earth" was forged in the legendary Tico-Tico studio in late 1997. The result sounded unique. The music of Throes of Dawn had developed enormously from "Pakkasherra". Where "Pakkasherra" sounded raw and technical "Dreams of the Black Earth" showed much more mature and sensitive side of the band. One song from this album was released as a taster in "The Blackened Rainbow" MCD in 1998. "Dreams of the Black Earth" was released worldwide in 1999.

The recording sessions of the third "Binding of the Spirit" album took place once again at Tico-Tico studios during the autumn 1999. Armed with better sound quality and production, the band showed a darker and more depressive side of their dark metal. "Binding of the Spirit" was released through Wounded Love in Spring 2000. The response from the listeners and the press was great. The album received very good reviews worldwide.

After the third album, things got complicated for the other band members, when the founders of the band, Henri and Jani moved away from the hometown. The band had been practically dead for a few months, until they decided to bring the band back to life with a totally new line-up.

Through many trials, a new line-up began to take shape. Each new member had a past in familiar bands: Lead guitarist Juha Ylikoski had played in Rotten Sound, the bass player Harri Huhtala played previously in Cartilage and Vomiturition. The drummer, Jani Martikkala, had made his contibution in …And Oceans, Black Dawn and Enochian Crescent.

Finally, after years of planning and intensive song writing, the recordings of the fourth album "Quicksilver Clouds" started in the autumn of 2003 at Sonic-pump studios in Helsinki. With "Quicksilver Clouds" Throes of Dawn took their music into totally new and exciting level: The depth and atmosphere in this album greatly exceeded all their previous releases. New elements were combined into the traditional Throes of Dawn sound, and this really opened new dimensions into their dark metal. The sound engineer Tero "Max" Kostermaa showed true dedication to his work, which resulted in brilliant and atmospheric soundscape. Quicksilver Clouds was released in 2004 by Avantgarde music with praising feedback from the metal press.

Throes of Dawn has performed live with bands like Satyricon, Anathema, Orphaned Land and Green Carnation. The Band produced a video of the “Vertigo” song, which has been of great promotional value: Several networks in Europe have broadcasted it, and it was also included in the metal DVD compilation of the Finnish inferno magazine. Throes Of Dawn is currently in pre-production phase of the fifth album, which should be out during 2007.

Dark Metal

Death, Loss, Sorrow

Finland (Vaasa), formed in 1994

Wounded Love Records


Jani Heinola - Synthesizer, Guitar
Harri Huhtala - Bass (ex-Cartilage (Fin), ex-Vomiturition)
Henri ``Kaamos`` Koivula - Vocals
Jani ``Martex`` Martikkala - Drums (ex-...And Oceans, ex-Black Dawn (Fin), ex-Enochian Crescent, ex-Nocturnal Feast, ex-The True Black Dawn)
Juha Ylikoski - Guitar (Malev6, ex-Rotten Sound)

Teemu Jokinen - Drums (1994-2001) (ex-Veristi, Vuohivasara)
Toni Jokinen - Guitar (1994-2001)
Matti Suomela - Bass (1994-2001) (Radical M Project)
Mathias - Guitar (2001-03) (Enochian Crescent)
Mikko - Guitar (2001-03)


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