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Wounded Land

Album: ''Wounded Land'' (1993)
1. Consume to Live
2. Days of Dearth
3. Sanity's End
4. Paradox
5. Surface to Air
6. Mother Earth
7. Siege of Baghdad
8. Keep it with Mine


Album: ''Psychedelicatessen'' (1994)
1. Sunseeker
2. A Tension Of Souls
3. Into The Light
4. Will To Give
5. Under The Sun
6. Babylon Rising
7. He Is I Am
8. Innocent
9. Devoted

Extinct Instinct

Album: ''Extinct Instinct'' (1997)
1. Exposed
2. Somatography
3. Eat The Unicorn
4. Forever
5. Virtual Isolation
6. The Whispering
7. Lake of Despond
8. Clear
9. Life Flow
10. Part Of The Chaos


Album: ''Clone'' (1998)
1. Freaks
2. Angels
3. The Latent Gene
4. Lovelorn
5. Change
6. Life's Too Good
7. Goodbye Mother Earth
8. Voyager II
9. Sunrise on Mars


Album: ''Hypothetical'' (2001)
1. Light and Space
2. Turn On Tune In
3. The Ravages of Time
4. Sheltering Sky
5. Oceanbound
6. Long Way Home
7. Keep My Head
8. Narcissus

Critical Mass

Album: ''Critical Mass'' (2002)
1. Phenomenon
2. Choices
3. Falling Away
4. Fragmentation
5. Echoes of Life
6. Round and Round
7. Avalon
8. Critical Mass (Part I, II, III)

Wireless - Acoustic Sessions

Album: ''Wireless - Acoustic Sessions'' (2003)
1. Fragmentation
2. Consume To Live
3. Seventh Angel
4. Sheltering Sky
5. Part Of The Chaos
6. Innocent
7. Falling Away
8. Conceal The Face
9. Lovelorn
10. Narcissus


Album: ''Subsurface'' (2004)
1. Mission Profile
2. Ground Control
3. Opium
4. Stop Dead
5. The Art of Reason
6. Pressure
7. Flags and Footprints
8. Static
9. The Destruction of Words

Critical Energy

Album: ''Critical Energy'' (2004 Live album)
1. Phenomenon
2. Oceanbound
3. Choices
4. Angels
5. Falling Away
6. Virtual Isolation
7. Innocent
8. Long Way Home
9. Fragmentation

Surface To Stage

Album: ''Surface To Stage'' (2006 Live album)
1. Mission Profile
2. Ground Control
3. Into The Light
4. Echoes Of Life
5. Long Way Home
6. Opium
7. The Art Of Reason
8. Pressure
9. Flags And Footprints
10. Light And Space

Dead Reckoning

Album: ''Dead Reckoning'' (2007)
1. Slipstream
2. This Is Your Life
3. Elusive
4. Hollow
5. Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams
6. Fighting For Breath
7. Disappear
8. Safe To Fly
9. One Degree Down



There are two bands with the name Threshold: a progressive metal band and an R&B band.

1. A progressive metal band from the South of England, consisting of Mac (vocals), Karl Groom (guitar), Richard West (keyboards), Steve Anderson (bass) and Johanne James (drums).

The band's early years saw four highly acclaimed albums released through the independent label GEP. After some line-up changes and many tours in Europe alongside bands such as Dream Theater, Threshold signed to Inside Out Music in 2000.

The albums "Hypothetical" and "Critical Mass" were released in 2001 and 2002, enjoying chart success in Europe while creating a strong reputation with both fans and the music press alike. A live DVD/CD set entitled "Critical Energy" was subsequently released at the beginning of 2004, while Threshold returned to the studio to record their most successful studio album to date, "Subsurface".

In early 2007, founding member Nick Midson (guitar) announced he is taking a break from the band, largely driven by wanting a break from touring and promotional activities.

2007 also sees Threshold signed with Nuclear Blast Records, with it's new album entitled, "Dead Reckoning".

2. An R&B band. Fronted by singer Angela Carole Brown, and led by composer/guitarist Linda Taylor, Threshold includes drummer Laval Belle (Earth, Wind & Fire), bassist Del Atkins (Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige), organist Mikal Majeed (Rick Zunigar), keyboardist Ed Roth (Coolio, The Brothers Johnson), and singers Catte Adams (Chaka Khan, Natalie Cole) and Janelle Sadler (Natalie Cole, Ozzy Osbourne).

Progressive Metal

Life, Death, Human Issues

United Kingdom (Surrey), formed in 1988

Nuclear Blast


Damian Wilson - Vocals (Star One, Ayreon, Landmarq, ex-Rick Wakeman, Galexia (guest)) (1992-93, 1996-97, 2007)
Karl Groom - Guitars (1988-Present)
Richard West - Keyboards (1992-Present)
Steve Anderson - Bass (2004-Present)
Johanne James - Drums (1997-98 (Touring), 1999-Present)
Pete Morten - Live Guitars (Soliloquy (UK)) (2007)

Glynn Morgan - Vocals (Mindfeed) (1994-95)
Tony Grinham - Drums (1993)
Nick Harradence - Drums (1994)
Jay Micciche - Drums (1995-96)
Mark Heaney - Drums (1997-98)
Jon Jeary - Bass, Vocals (1988-1992) (Vocals : 1988-1991, Bass, 1991-2003)
Nick Midson - Guitars (1988-2007)
Andrew "Mac" McDermott - Vocals (ex-Sargant Fury, Galloglass, Yargos) (1998-2007)
Pete Crawford - Bass (1988-1990)


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