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Songs For Insects

Album: ''Songs For Insects'' (1992)
1. Third Eye
2. Songs For Insects
3. Cornerstone
4. Daughter Mobius
5. Alexander Vs. The Puzzle
6. Ballerina
7. The Chalice Vermillion
8. The Flesh Is Weak
9. Blistered Text And Bleeding Pens
10. Bearing An Hourglass

Mods Carve The Pig: Assassins, Toads and God

Album: ''Mods Carve The Pig: Assassins, Toads and God's Flesh'' (1993)
1. Horsepowered
2. Daterape Cookbook
3. Gelatin
4. Jane Whitfield Is Dead
5. Boil
6. Michigan Jesus
7. Smirk The Godblender
8. Republicans In Love
9. Worms Listen
10. Patiently Waiting For Summer
11. To Build A Better Bulldozer

Outer Space Is Just A Martini Away

Album: ''Outer Space Is Just A Martini Away'' (1996)
1. Love Is America Spelled Backwards
2. Jeb And The Haymaker
3. Fairy
4. The Squid
5. Dante Dangling From A Noose
6. Jack Frost Junior
7. Pinto Award In Literature
8. Soot On The Radio
9. Watercolour Grey
10. Sharron Sours
11. D.I.Y. Tranquilizers
12. Fruitcake And Cider
13. Atomic Stroller Helps None
14. Bottomfeeder

thought industry


American progressive metal band Thought Industry was formed in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1989 by vocalist/bassist Brent Oberlin, drummer Dustin Donaldson (who formed I Am Spoonbender in 1997), guitarist Christopher Simmonds (aka Christopher Lee), and guitarist Steve Spaeth. Spaeth left the band due to internal conflicts with Simmonds and started the band Clockmaker. The position was filled by guitarist Paul Enzio in time for 1992's "Songs For Insects", their Metal Blade Records debut. This was followed up by the art-metal masterpiece "Mods Carve The Pig: Assassins, Toads and God's Flesh". 1996's "Outer Space Is Just a Martini Away" subsequently saw a significant change in the band's sound and lineup when Donaldson was replaced by ex-Clockmaker drummer Jared Bryant. Oberlin switched to guitar and Bassist Herb Ledbetter was added. Thought Industry continued to strip down their lineup and sound with 1997's moody "Black Umbrella", which saw the departure of Lee. Bryant, Enzio and Ledbetter also left the band in 1999 which prompted Oberlin to assemble an entirely new lineup for 2001's magnum opus "Short Wave on a Cold Day". Engineer Mike Roche, who recorded "Black Umbrella" and filled in on bass from time to time, was added as a full time guitarist along with drummer Cameron Taylor, bassist Mark Baldwin and guitarist/keyboardist Jeff Borkowski.

Progressive Thrash Metal (early), Alternative Rock (later)

United States of America (Kalamazoo, MI), formed in 1989

Metal Blade Records


Brent Oberlin - vocals, guitar (bass on first two albums) (Cosmonaut, Genius Hired Guns, ex-Desacrator, Ugly Decibel Ride, TASM Lab)
Mike Roche - guitar, session bass (Cosmonaut, Table)
Jeff Borkowski - guitar, keyboards
Mark Baldwin - bass
Cam Taylor - drums

Christopher "Lee" Simmonds - guitar (Desacrator)
Steve Spaeth - guitar (Clockmaker)
Paul Enzio - guitar
Dustin Donaldson - drums (Desacrator)
Jared Bryant - drums
Herb Ledbetter - Bass


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