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Demo 1994

Album: ''Demo 1994'' (1994 Demo)
1. A Song by the Hearth?!
2. A Hamlet for a Slothful Vassal
3. Dying I Only Feel Apathy
4. Soliloquy

Theatre of Tragedy

Album: ''Theatre of Tragedy'' (1995)
1. A Hamlet for a Slothful Vassal
2. Cheerful Dirge
3. To These Words I Beheld No Tongue
4. Hollow-Hearted, Heart-Departed
5. ...a Distance There Is...
6. Sweet Art Thou
7. Mïre
8. Dying I Only Feel Apathy
9. Monotone

Velvet Darkness They Fear

Album: ''Velvet Darkness They Fear'' (1996)
1. Velvet Darkness They Fear
2. Fair and 'Guiling Copesmate Death
3. Bring Forth Ye Shadow
4. Seraphic Deviltry
5. And When He Falleth
6. Der Tanz der Schatten
7. Black as the Devil Painteth
8. On Whom the Moon Doth Shine
9. The Masquerader and Phoenix

Der Tanz der Schatten

Album: ''Der Tanz der Schatten'' (1996 Single)
1. Der Tanz der Schatten (Club mix)
2. Black as the Devil Painteth
3. A Hamlet for a Slothful Vassal
4. Der Tanz der Schatten (album version)

A Rose for the Dead

Album: ''A Rose for the Dead'' (1997 EP)
1. A Rose for the Dead
2. Der Spiegel
3. As the Shadows Dance
4. And When He Falleth (remix)
5. Black as the Devil Painteth (remix)
6. Decades (Joy Division cover)


Album: ''Aégis'' (1998)
1. Cassandra
2. Lorelei
3. Angélique
4. Aoede
5. Siren
6. Samantha (bonus track)
7. Venus
8. Poppæa
9. Bacchante
10. Virago


Album: ''Cassandra'' (1998 Single)
1. Cassandra (Cheap Wine edit)
2. Acede (edit)
3. Cassandra (album version)


Album: ''Virago'' (1999 EP)
1. Der Tanz der Schatten
2. Der Spiegel
3. Samath
4. A Halmet
5. Virago
6. Decades (bonus track)


Album: ''Musique'' (2000)
1. Machine
2. City of Light
3. Fragment
4. Musique
5. Commute
6. Radio
7. Image
8. Crash/Concrete
9. Retrospect
10. Reverie
11. Space Age
12. The New Man (bonus track)


Album: ''Inperspective'' (2000 EP)
1. Samantha
2. Virago
3. Lorelei (Icon of Coil remix)
4. The Masquerader and Phoenix (Phoenix mix)
5. On Whom the Moon Doth Shine (Unhum mix)
6. Der Tanz der Schatten (Club mix)


Album: ''Image'' (2000 Single)
1. Image
2. Machine
3. Fragment (Element remix)
4. Machine (VNV Nation remix)


Album: ''closure:live'' (2001 Live album)
1. Intro/And When He Falleth
2. Der Spiegel
3. Cassandra
4. Venus
5. Black as the Devil Painteth (RMX v2)
6. Siren
7. Poppæa
8. Bacchante
9. A Distance There Is
10. Der Tanz der Schatten
11. Cassandra (video clip)
12. Der Tanz der Schatten (video clip)


Album: ''Machine'' (2001 Single)
1. Machine
2. Machine (VNV Nation remix)
3. Machine (Element remix)
4. Radio (Kallisti remix)
5. Reverie (Current Chill mix)
6. Image (French version)
7. Image (enhanced video and pictures)


Album: ''Assembly'' (2002)
1. Automatic Lover
2. Universal Race
3. Episode
4. Play
5. Superdrive
6. Let You Down
7. Starlit
8. Envision
9. Flickerlight
10. Liquid Man
11. Motion

Album: ''Envision'' (2002 Single)
1. Envision
2. Superdrive
3. You Keep Me Hanging On (Kim Wilde's cover)
4. Envision (conetic remix)

Let You Down

Album: ''Let You Down'' (2002 Single)
1. Let You Down (Rico Darum & Superdead Remix)
2. Let You Down (album version)
3. You Keep Me Hangin' On (Kim Wilde cover)
4. Universal Race (Man-i-kin Remix)
5. Envision (Conetik Remix)


Album: ''Storm'' (2006)
1. Storm
2. Silence
3. Ashes and Dreams
4. Voices
5. Fade
6. Begin & End
7. Senseless
8. Exile
9. Disintegration
10. Debris

theatre of tragedy


Theatre of Tragedy is a Norwegian band from Stavanger, originally assembled in 1993 by Hein Frode Hansen, Raymond István Rohonyi and Lorentz Aspen, together with Tommy Lindal, Pål Bjastad and Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull.

They are probably best known for their earlier albums, which provided a great deal of influence to the gothic metal genre. The band was one of the first ones who made use of contrasting vocals - male bass vocals and death growls and female soprano singing.

On their first three albums (Theatre of Tragedy, Velvet Darkness They Fear, Aégis) Theatre of Tragedy presented lyrics written predominantly in a form of Olde English, an early form of the language prior to Shakespearean times.

Starting from the album Musique, however, the band made drastic changes to their style, which became significantly inspired by the industrial rock genre, abandoning Early Modern English lyrics writing, heavier guitar riffing and death growls in the process. This style change was consequently continued on the following album, Assembly.

After a long break and after changing the female vocalist due to musical differences, and furthermore their management and the record label, Theatre of Tragedy released their new album Storm, the first one with their new singer, Nell Sigland (also a member of The Crest).
On this album, the electronic influences are reduced again in favour of simplicity and naturalism. According to Hein Frode Hansen, Storm is to be seen as the missing link between Aégis and Musique.

* Raymond István Rohonyi - Vocals & Programming
* Nell Sigland - Vocals - (The Crest)
* Frank Claussen - Guitar
* Vegard K. Thorsen - Guitar
* Lorentz Aspen - Keyboards - (ex-Therion)
* Hein Frode Hansen - Drums - (ex-Phobia)

Former members:
* Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull - Vocals (1993-2003) - (Leaves' Eyes, Liv Kristine, Atrocity (guest), Cradle of Filth (guest))
* Tommy Lindal - Guitar (1993-1997)
* Tommy Olsson - Guitar (1997-1999)
* Pål Bjåstad - Guitar (1993-1995)
* Geir Flikkeid - Guitar (1995-1997)
* Eirik T. Saltrø - Bass (1993-2000)


1995 - Theatre of Tragedy
1996 - Velvet Darkness They Fear
1998 - Aégis
2000 - Musique
2001 - Closure: Live
2002 - Assembly
2003 - Two Originals (Compilation)
2006 - Storm

Singles and EPs:
1994 - Theatre of Tragedy Demo (Demo)
1996 - Der Tanz der Schatten (Single)
1997 - A Rose for the Dead (EP)
1998 - Cassandra (Single)
2000 - Image (Single)
2001 - Machine (Single)
2001 - Inperspective (EP)
2002 - Let You Down (Single)
2002 - Envision (Single)
2006 - Storm (Single)

Doom/Death Metal (early), Atmospheric Gothic Metal (now)

Poetry, literature, beauty and darkness

Norway (Stavanger), formed in 1993

AFM Records


Nell Sigland - Vocals (The Covent/The Crest)
Raymond István Rohonyi - Vocals
Frank Claussen - Guitars (Malpractice (Nor))
Lorentz Aspen - Keyboards, piano (Imperium (Nor), Therion (Swe))
Hein Frode Hansen - Drums (Phobia (Nor), Serpent (Nor))
Vegard K. Thorsen - Guitars

Eirik T. Saltrø 1993-2000 Bass
Tommy Olsson 1997-1999 Guitars
Pål Bjåstad 1993-1995 Guitars
Geir Flikkeid 1995-1997 Guitars
Tommy Lindal 1993-1997 Guitars (Imperium (Nor))
Liv Kristine Espenæs - Vocals (Leaves' Eyes, Atrocity (Ger) (guest), Cradle of Filth (guest), Delain (Guest), Genius (Guest), Immortal Rites (Ger) (Guest), Hortus Animae (Guest))


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