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Diesel Dog Sound

Album: ''Diesel Dog Sound'' (2004)
1. Millionaire
2. Babyhate
3. 22 Belzebu
4. DDS
5. Fightbull
6. Bankrupt
7. 1 Minute & Life
8. Paper Chains
9. Drum
10. Devil's lover
11. The Snake
12. Falling
13. Ticket Please
14. Soul Tattoo
15. Burn (Bonus)

the temple


Coming from Portugal, a country where contemporary artistic forms tend to suffer some neglect and lack international projection, The Temple have progressively and surprisingly conquered admirers all over the world, mainly as a result of an underground diffusion born of the enthusiasm of several radio editors, fanzines, webzines, etc. Confirming it is the fact that the 38 tracks available to the public on their website ( for the two years before the release of their last album had an average of 1,4 downloads per hour, totaling 36 000 copies.

Of their many concerts, The Temple stood out in those with Machine Head, Life of Agony, Entombed and Moonspell, the ones at state prisons and in festivals as "Super Bock Super Rock" and "Vilar de Mouros".

Of their two early demos of 1993 and 1994, the latter lands them the recording of their first CD, "The Angel, The Demon & The Machine", edited by Movieplay (Skyfall) in 1997. Subsequently they are invited to participate in several compilations, namely "Hypermetal", published by Música Alternativa and later "Bandas de Garagem 2001".

Persistent and passionate about their business, The Temple display a dedication in their live shows that grabbed the attention and enthusiasm of the underground public and media. As a result Daniel Makosch, their manager, was prompted to release the maxi "DEMOnio" edited by Raging Planet. Recorded in The Temple's own studio, this maxi and other recordings, provide the band with an experience in digital recording later used in the pre-production of their new body of originals, "Diesel Dog Sound".

Recorded in London, at the Philia Studios, "Diesel Dog Sound" was produced and engineered by Dave Chang, doubtless a major factor contributing to the studio discipline achieved. The personality acquired through this experience in the land of rock is testified by their strengthened sonority.

In addition, this work has had the valuable contributions of Fernando Ribeiro (Moonspell's vocalist), Zé Pedro (Xutos e Pontapés' charismatic guitar player) and accordion player Ricardo Pereira, all of whom recorded their participations in Lisbon in the Tcha Tcha Tcha studios with Joe Fossard and Calú as sound engineers and Rui Alexandre in the production.
"Diesel Dog Sound" is edited by Copro Records (UK), with distribution in the UK, Australia, Austria, Benelux, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, and other countries. This version offers a multimedia track with additional material, namely the video clip for "Millionaire" and its "Making of". In Portugal Raging Planet edited a DIGI-Pack version with an extra DVD including the video clips "Millionaire" and "Millionaire Lust", the "Making of" the "Millionaire" video clip and "The Recordings" of the CD in London.

"Diesel Dog Sound" represents an unparalleled moment in the history of The Temple and the professionalism encountered in practically all sectors involved in the creation of the album and resulting sophistication of the latter raise the expectations on and responsibilities of the band.
The record was highly acclaimed by the European critic, receiving bludgeoning reviews from Kerrang!, Rock Hard, Rock Tribune and several webzines, an achievement that a Portuguese band could hardly aspire to.

Origin: Portugal (Lisbon)
Formed in: 1993
Original line-up:
José Carlos - guitar
João Luis - vocals
Rui Alexandre - drums
Hugo Oliveira - bass
João Afonso - guitar

1995-Independent Records released the track "Cross-skull" (from the 2nd demo) in "High Radiation vol.1".
1996-Musica Alternativa released the track "Dominated" (from the 2nd demo) in the 2xCD "Hypermetal".

Demo I - Demo, 1993
Demo II - Demo, 1994
The Angel, The Demon & The Machine - Full-length, 1997
999 - EP, 1999
DEMOnio - EP, 2000
Diesel Dog Sound - Full-length, 2004

Heavy/thrash metal (early), emo/mallcore (later)

Life in Tears, Fall in Love, Emotions, Sorrow...

Portugal (Lisabon), formed in 1993

Raging Planet


José Carlos - guitar
João Luis - vocals
Rui Alexandre - drums
Hugo Oliveira - bass
João Afonso - guitar


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