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Butcher Baby/Fast Food Service/Concrete Shoes

Album: ''Butcher Baby/Fast Food Service/Concrete Shoes'' (1978 Single)
1. Butcher Baby
2. Fast Food Service
3. Concrete Shoes (Live at CBGB's)

Meet the Plasmatics

Album: ''Meet the Plasmatics'' (1979 EP)
1. Sometimes I
2. Won't You? (P-s-y-c-h-o)
3. Want You Baby

Dream Lover/Corruption/Want You Baby

Album: ''Dream Lover/Corruption/Want You Baby'' (1979 Single)
1. Dream Lover
2. Corruption
3. Want You Baby

New Hope for the Wretched

Album: ''New Hope for the Wretched'' (1980)
1. Tight Black Pants
2. Monkey Suit
3. Living Dead
4. Test Tube Babies
5. Won't You
6. Concrete Shoes
7. Squirm (Live)
8. Want You Baby
9. Dreamlover
10. Sometimes I
11. Corruption
12. Butcher Baby

Butcher Baby

Album: ''Butcher Baby'' (1980 EP)
1. Butcher Baby
2. Living Dead (Live)
3. Sometimes I . . . (Live)

Butcher Baby/Tight Black Pants

Album: ''Butcher Baby/Tight Black Pants'' (1980 Single)
1. Butcher Baby
2. Tight Black Pants (Live)

Monkey Suit/Squirm

Album: ''Monkey Suit/Squirm'' (1980 Single)
1. Monkey Suit
2. Squirm

Beyond The Valley Of 1984

Album: ''Beyond The Valley Of 1984'' (1981)
1. Incantation
2. Masterplan
3. Head Banger
4. Summer Nite
5. Nothing
6. Fast Food Service
7. Hit Man (live Milan)
8. Living Dead
9. Sex Junkie
10. Plasma Jam (live Milan)
11. Pig Is A Pig

Metal Priestess

Album: ''Metal Priestess'' (1981 EP)
1. Lunacy
2. Doom Song
3. Sex Junkie
4. Black Leather Monster
5. 12 Noon
6. Masterplan

Coup d

Album: ''Coup d'État'' (1982)
1. Put Your Love In Me
2. Stop
3. Rock 'n' Roll
4. Lightning Breaks
5. No Class
6. Mistress Of Taboo
7. Country Fairs
8. Path Of Glory
9. Just Like On T.V.
10. The Damned

Wendy And Lemmy

Album: ''Wendy And Lemmy'' (1982 Single)
1. Stand By Your Man
2. No Class
3. Masterplan

the plasmatics


Featuring a stageshow that often including the rampant destruction of the symbols of the American dream, such as exploding Cadillacs, sledgehammers to TVs and exploding speakers the Plasmatics were two-thirds performance art, one-third hot, steamy punk. The Plasmatics are credited with bringing the mohawk to the Punk scene, for Wendy O. Williams and the rest of the band, it was about shocking the world out of the complacent lethargy of the 70's and 80's and challenging convention in everything they did.


Ever since I was little, I've always liked to smash things. Basically, I hate conformity. I hate people telling me what to do. It makes me want to smash things. So-called normal behaviour patterns make me so bored, I could throw up! The Plasmatics [her heavy metal rock group] give me a chance to get this violence out of me, and express it to other people. I don't like comformity. I don't like fashion. I don't like art. I do like smashing up expensive things."

(On her past as a live-sex performer): "It was just like working in a donut shop, except you didn't wear a paper hat."

Punk, Heavy Metal

Sex, Love, Loss, War, Violence, Chaos, Life

United States of America (New York), formed in 1978

Giga Saurus Records


Wendy Orlean Williams - Vocals (R.I.P. 1949-1998)
Wes Beech - Rhythm Guitar
Michael Ray - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar
Chris "Junior" Romanelli - Bass
Ray Callahan - Drums

Richie Stotts - Guitar (1978-1983) (King Flux)

Osao Chosei Funahara - Bass (1978-1980)
Jean Beauvoir - Bass (1980-1981)
Reginald van Helsing - Bass (during the WOW - Recordings)
Greg Smith - Bass (during the WOW - Recordings), (Americade, Rainbow, Van Helsing's Curse)

Stu Deutsch - Drums(1978-1980)
Neal Smith - Drums (1981 Guest)
Tony Petri - Drums (1981) (ex-Twisted Sister)
Joey Reese - Drums (1981)
T.C. Tolliver - Drums (1982)


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