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Album: ''Demo '97'' (1997 Demo)
1. Shattered
2. Undead

The Haunted

Album: ''The Haunted'' (1998)
1. Hate Song
2. Chasm
3. In Vein
4. Undead
5. Choke Hold
6. Three Times
7. Bullet Hole
8. Now You Know
9. Shattered
10. Soul Fracture
11. Blood Rust
12. Forensick

Made Me Do It

Album: ''Made Me Do It'' (2000)
1. Dark Intentions
2. Bury Your Dead
3. Trespass
4. Leech
5. Hollow Ground
6. Revelation
7. The World Burns
8. Human Debris
9. Silencer
10. Under the Surface
11. Victim Iced

Live Rounds in Tokyo

Album: ''Live Rounds in Tokyo'' (2001 Live album)
1. Intro
2. Dark Intentions
3. Bury Your Dead
4. Chasm
5. Trespass
6. Shattered
7. Hollow Ground
8. Choke Hold
9. Leech
10. In Vein
11. Revelation
12. Bullet Hole
13. Silencer
14. Three Times
15. Undead
16. Hate Song
17. Eclipse (bonus studio track)

The Haunted - Caught On Tape

Album: ''The Haunted - Caught On Tape'' (2002 DVD)
1. (show #1) Dark Intentions
2. Bury Your Dead
3. Chasm
4. Trespass
5. Shattered
6. Hollow Ground
7. Chokehold
8. Leech
9. In Vein
10. Revelation
11. Bullethole
12. Silencer
13. Three Times
14. Undead
15. Blinded By Fear (ATG cover!)
16. Hate Song
17. (show #2) Dark Intentions
18. Bury Your Dead
19. Chasm
20. Trespass
21. Undead
22. Hollow Ground
23. Chokehold
24. Leech
25. Revelation
26. Bullethole
27. Three Times
28. In Vein
29. Silencer
30. Hate Song
31. Drum Solo
32. Blinded By Fear (ATG cover!)
33. Shattered

One Kill Wonder

Album: ''One Kill Wonder'' (2003)
1. Privation of Faith Inc.
2. Godpuppet
3. Shadow World
4. Everlasting
5. D.O.A.
6. Demon Eyes
7. Urban Predator
8. Downward Spiral
9. Shithead
10. Bloodletting
11. One Kill Wonder


Album: ''rEVOLVEr'' (2004)
1. No Compromise
2. 99
3. Abysmal
4. Sabotage
5. All Against All
6. Sweet Relief
7. Burnt to a Shell
8. Who Will Decide
9. Nothing Right
10. Liquid Burns
11. My Shadow

The Dead Eye

Album: ''The Dead Eye'' (2006)
1. The Premonition
2. The Flood
3. The Medication
4. The Drowning
5. The Reflection
6. The Prosecution
7. The Fallout
8. The Medusa
9. The Shifter
10. The Cynic
11. The Failure
12. The Stain
13. The Guilt Trip

the haunted


The Haunted are a melodic death metal influenced thrash metal band from Sweden. Formed in the mid-90's after the demise of the legendary Melodic Death Metal band At the Gates. The main musicians of At The Gates (namely the Björler Brothers) wanted to take a more Thrash approach to their music. So far they've released 6 albums (5 studio, 1 live). Their self-titled debut album was released in 1998 on Earache Records after The Haunted inherited At The Gates contract. Their latest album The Dead Eye was released in 2006. The Haunted consists of 5 members, with Peter Dolving back as the lead vocalist since Revolver (2004). Dolving sang on the first album, and Marco Aro performed on the ones inbetween. Currently, the band is touring the new album The Dead Eye.

Melodic Death/Post-Thrash Metal

Violence, political, inner struggles

Sweden (Gothenburg), formed in 1996

Century Media


Peter Dolving - Vocals (Mary Beats Jane, The Peter Dolving Band, ex-Ape)
Patrik Jensen - Guitar (Witchery (Swe), ex-Satanic Slaughter, Seance (Swe), Orchriste, Brujeria)
Anders Björler - Guitar (Terror (Swe), Infestation (Swe), Liers in Wait, At the Gates)
Jonas Björler - Bass (At the Gates, Terror (Swe), Infestation (Swe), Demolition)
Per M. Jensen - Drums (Invocator, Artillery, Geronimo, ex-Nightrage, ex-Daemon (Dnk), ex-Konkhra, ex-Extreme Feedback)

Adrian Erlandsson - Drums (Brujeria, Tenet, ex-Cradle Of Filth, ex-At The Gates, ex-Terror (Swe), ex-Decameron, ex-Ape, Nemhain, ex-H.E.A.L., session drums for Needleye, Code, Samsas Traum)
Marco Aro - Vocals (Face Down)
Mike Wead (Mikael Wikström) - Guitar (on 2001 tour) (Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Memento Mori, Witch (Swe), ex-Candlemass, Maninnya Blade, Hexenhaus, Abstrakt Algebra)
Marcus Sunesson - Guitar (on 2002 tour) (The Crown, Engel (Swe))
John Zwetsloot - Guitar (also in Cardinal Sin (Swe), ex-Dissection (Swe), ex-Nifelheim (Swe))


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